Interior Design 101

The 7 key components of interior design are color, form, light, line, pattern, texture, space. While it’s essential to learn more about each of these in-depth, this article highlights the best tips and tricks from each of our “Interior Design 101” series. Today on the blog, Vishion discusses everything you need to know for interior design 101 mastery.

Interior Design 101: What To Know

Interior Design

Interior Design from Mymove

The New York School of Interior Design defines interior design as how people experience a space. As humans are spending more and more time indoors, especially with the current pandemic, our interior environment plays a big role in affecting our moods. There’s a lot that goes into designing an interior space. You need to plan, research, and create a layout, which all comes together to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. This all-encompassing guide introduces everything you need to know to become an interior design 101 pro.

Color in Design

If you find color theory to be daunting and difficult to understand, you can take solace in the fact that there are several tried-and-true, logic-based color rules that cater to professional designers and design lovers. To really get down to the basics of interior design 101, you need to know all about color.

The Color Wheel

The Color Wheel

The Color Wheel from DecoArt

You can use the color wheel to conceive various aesthetically balanced color combinations, the most basic of which is a complementary color scheme. The color wheel refects all colors and shows the relationships between them. These relationships are either complementary colors or analogic colors

The 60-30-10 Rule

The 60-30-10 Rule

The 60-30-10 Rule from Uniplace

If you’re puzzling over how many colors and how much of each is appropriate to have in one room, consider the 60-30-10 ratio. This ratio tells you the classic interior design rules for creating a color palette for a space. The dominant color should account for approximately 60 percent of the room, the secondary color should account for approximately 30 percent, and the accent color should account for approximately 10 percent.

Color and Color Palettes

Now that you know a little bit about color rules, it’s time to put them into action. Creating a color palette is essential to ensuring an adhesive aesthetic and a consistent look. It can be daunting to create a color palette for the first time on your own. Luckily, Vishion is here to help. Here are some color palette posts that will inspire yours instantly:

Ways to Bring Color to Your Space

  • Paint
    • If you’re thinking about redoing your space, giving your home a fresh coat of paint may be just what it needs to make it seem brand new. When giving your home an updated look, there are a few things to keep in mind to make it look professionally painted.
  • Wallpaper
    • With various trendy colors and patterns to choose from, wallpaper poses a fun and funky alternative to paint. It’s important to understand terms such as booking, blistering, butting, colorway, and centering if you want to learn how to put up wallpaper like a pro.


Modern Lighting

Modern Lighting from CB2

When it comes to your space’s ambiance, interior lighting is everything; however, it doesn’t just affect your aesthetic. It can also drastically affect your mood. Here is where you should understand color temperature, which is the difference between warm, neutral, cool lighting, and the different lighting types: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Lighting is just another key factor to mastering interior design 101.


Designing With Furniture

Furniture in design

Furniture in Design via Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

While it sometimes may feel daunting to choose furniture and decor for your home, they’re key components when it comes to design. Furniture and decor are really what make your space and are just as important as a paintbrush is to an artist.

If you’re into DIY projects, there are many ways you can easily create furniture and decor that will add an aesthetic element and a unique flair to your interior design.

  • Upholstery
    • At first blush, upholstery seems like a job best left to the professionalsbut it’s faster, easier, and cheaper than you might think. As with any DIY project, your best bet when upholstering furniture for the first time is to start small, such as with a chair seat or a headboard.
  • Patterns 
    • The colors and patterns you gravitate towards say a great deal about your unique design style. Because we encounter both regularly, our preferences tend to develop instinctively and shift naturally. Color-pattern compromise is one of those things that shouldn’t stand out in a professionally designed space. If it’s done correctly, the effect should be seamless and subtle.
  • Textiles
    • Textiles are any products that are made of fabric or woven. These components can serve to inspire many facets of interior design. Using these products in your space helps set the environment’s mood and adds the key finishing touch to create a complete design.

Feng Shui and Space

How to feng shui

How To Feng Shui from Simply Abundance

Feng Shui is all about finding balance and chi in different spaces throughout your home. China created this ancient art more than 3,000 years ago. Feng shui is essential in making sure people live in harmony with their environment. Due to COVID-19, it may seem difficult to implement this practice into your home without buying anything new. That’s why Vishion is here to help. Finding good Feng Shui can be just as easy as rearranging the items you already have in your home.

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Trend Alert | Florals, Greenery, and Wood Tones Galore

The florals of the late 1900s are making a comeback and are longer associated with your grandmother’s living room. These updated on-trend patterns bring the outside through florals that pop and natural wood tones that are modern and timeless. Inspired by garden florals and nature, Vishion dives into interior designs modeled after this trend.

Florals, Greenery, and Wood Tones Galore

Image and Design by Christopher Stark

Since the beginning of its popularity in the 1950s, florals can be found everywhere from drapery, wallpaper, and statement upholstery. Many picture this pattern covering their grandmother’s house, however, modern interior design features florals in an updated way. Using shades of blues, greens, browns, greys, and pinks, this nature-inspired palette can help brighten your home with a sustainable feel.

Floral Upholstery

Design by Nαzly Habib (Source: Instagram)

If you love the feel the florals but aren’t ready to deck out the walls, try adding a subtle upholstered fabric to your dining room or kitchen chairs. Pair it with your favorite indoor plant to add a hint of greenery. When starting from scratch, use the floral fabric to create the rooms color palette. Vishion can help you find your favorite pattern and identify your palette’s featured color with our custom color search engine. Floral upholstery adds a chic, modern, and elegant touch that brightens your space and makes it feel warm and airy.

Moody Wood Tones

Design by Proem Studio

If your preferred personal design style is more dark and mysterious, consider incorporating wood tones and natural materials into your home interior design. Think dark greens, muted yellows, and elegant shades of black. A great way to incorporate natural woods is by refinishing furniture and restoring it to its natural state. Search your city’s Facebook marketplace or Nextdoor app to find furniture that can be stripped, sanded, and stained. Stained – an eco and budget-friendly alternative to expensive furniture store prices.

Subtle Floral Inspired Tiles

Design by Jordan Shifrin (source: Instagram)

Florals don’t need to be obvious. You can use floral-inspired tiles, for example, to still incorporate nature into your space. Take a look at this design by Jordan Shifrin. Using this daisy-inspired pattern, wood-toned barstools, and vibrant, green plants, this design is bright, modern, and trendy without trying too hard.

Using Vishion to Explore this Color Palette

Download the Vishion app to explore any of the colors from this palette, create an inspiration board, and select complementary colors. Then, find fabric, wallpaper, furniture, or art to match!


Sexy Workout Equipment That Blends Fitness and Design

Thanks to the coronavirus, gyms are closed, in-person workout classes are canceled and many Americans now find themselves pumping iron from home. If you’re one of the millions of people around the world trying to adapt your workout routine, don’t worry, Vishion has found the BEST exercise equipment that adds a little style to your home.

Why the 2020 HGTV Smart Home is the Best Yet

HGTV’s 2020 Smart Home can be found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we cannot get enough of the incredible craftsmanship and detail put into it.  The blend of industrial and classic designs by HGTV star and Vishion Design Award judge, Tiffany Brooks, celebrates Pittsburgh’s rich, colorful history.  Let’s dive into this visionary masterpiece and why this is our favorite interior design of any HGTV smart home. 

Exterior Photo of the HGTV Smart Home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

The Perfect Pittsburgh Location

HGTV Smart Home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Walking into the HGTV 2020 Smart Home is a breathtaking moment filled with many different color combinations throughout each room. Iron and metal accents within the home’s interior design give a nod to its location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is known as “the Steel City” for its more than 300 steel-related businesses and as the “City of Bridges” for its 446 bridges.

Transitional Spaces

Once inside, the main entrance is in a central location with the foyer connecting the great room, the kitchen, and the dining room. The gorgeous luxury vinyl and 100% waterproof grey vinyl flooring add the perfect touch of brightness to the room and durability to withstand those harsh Pittsburgh winters.

Study / Sitting Area

purple walls decorate the interior fo the HGTV smart home

Photo Courtesy Of HGTV

Bring On The Drama

Walking into the study, we notice the hues of purple on the wall with a punch of color from artwork hung around them.

 “I just feel like I elevated the vibe of this room.  I didn’t want to just create this boring office.  I wanted something that was a little bit more stylish and dressier and kind of designed-up”, says designer Tiffany Brooks via HGTV.

The jet black in the statement chandelier combined with the black accents in the rug gives this room a chic, art deco vibe that is full of glamour.

The Kitchen

kitchen of the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

A Kitchen Of Dreams

From the off-white cabinets, ivory floors, and textured backsplash – we can’t get enough of this kitchen.  The variety of shapes encapsulated us and is a feast to the eye.  The mix of greys, whites, blacks, and browns blend together with such ease.  According to the HGTV website, Tiffany Brooks wanted to keep this space chic and inviting. We think she executed it perfectly.

Dining Room

dining room in the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Bold and Botanical

There is a flawless amount of greenery alongside the drapes and velvet chairs in this bold and botanical dining room.

“I had a lot of fun with the Sherwin-Williams Global Spice Color collection, and you’ll see bold items and bold moments of that throughout the house,” says Tiffany Brooks via HGTV.

Each element and pattern in this room give the right amount of boldness and drama and serenity without feeling too overpowering.  Green adds a slight sense of serenity and tranquility as well. Dining room goals?  I think so!

Click here for a look at the Sherwin-Williams Global Spice Color Palette 

Living Room

living room of the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Tranquility At Its Finest

The main living area of the HGTV 2020 Smart Home brings in soothing and calming tones of white and greys that are full of tranquility. There is so much relaxing to be done here, especially while watching TV.  TV placement in this room is key, and there are many tips to achieve this.

“First of all, you don’t want to buy a TV that is too big for a small room.  If you have a massive room, usually hang the TV about 60 inches from the bottom.  If you’re primarily sitting around it, you want to go a little bit lower – hit that 42-inch mark.  And finally, I like to finish this off to add a frame around it or placing it on a swivel,” says Tiffany Brooks via HGTV.

Master Bedroom Suite

The Bedroom

master bedroom of the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Luxe Life

The master suite includes loads of details that give us a very relaxing feel.  The upholstered pinstripe headboard is a beauty and soothing to the eye.  Hollywood regal vibes are all throughout this bedroom and we especially love the mix of subtle tones throughout in the draperies.

“Add a floor to ceiling drapery to create somewhat of a false wall.  It gives me the necessary privacy and can add that touch of luxury you need.” says Tiffany Brooks via HGTV

Master Bathroom

master bathroom of the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

The master bathroom…. too chic for words.  The huge soaking tub, the fabulously patterned shower, and the classic cabinets all combine to provide a feminine-modern feel that adds up to perfection.  The mix of whites, blacks, greys, and the pop of yellow all come together beautifully.  These colors give the bathroom such a relaxing and comforting atmosphere to it.  We could stay in this bathroom the entire day and never want to leave!

Family Living Space

family living room in the HGTV smart home

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Fashionable Family Time

The combination of bold green walls with the lined rugs and pops of dimension from the pillows and large print creates such a fun game room.  This is a room where families could spend all night together and never get tired of.

“This whole area I am most proud of because it feels like a true-family fun center,” says Tiffany Brooks via HGTV.

A Destination Deck

exterior deck by the HGTV smart home

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Exterior Deck

This comfy and sleek seating area of the upstairs deck provides the best views for those cozy days and nights.  The mixed patterns and colors of the pillows add a fun element to the cream upholstery.  The added plants around it bring peaceful elements to this deck as well.  We want to spend a crisp, cool night, or a sunny, spring day in this little piece of heaven.

Enter To Win The HGTV Smart Home

Exterior photos of the HGTV Smart Home

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

You can enter the HGTV Smart Home 2020 sweepstakes by visiting HGTV.com or diynetwork.com and filling out one entry form per day.  The last day to enter the sweepstakes  June 12, 2020.  The grand prize winner will be chosen by Sponsor throughout a random drawing and be contacted by phone or email. For more information and contest rules, click here!

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Interior Design Tips for your Zoom Meeting

if you’re looking to spice up up the background for your virtual meetings, Vishion is here to help. These tips on proper lighting, camera placement, and appropriate color and design choices will make your blank space as appealing as possible. 

WFH? Interior Design Tips For Your Home Office

If you’ve found yourself in the same boat like the millions of Americans suddenly working from home, you might be struggling to create the perfect home office. These Interior Design hacks will help you effectively use color and design to ignite your productivity.

Designing A Home Office? You’re Not Alone

The coronavirus pandemic has created a unique employment situation. With most non-essential employees sent home, there is an increasing instance of professionals working from home. While the impact of the coronavirus is unprecedented, remote work was on the rise in the U.S. long before the pandemic struck. According to data released by the U.S. Census, the share of the labor force that worked from home in 2017 was 5.2 percent—or 8 million people. That’s up from 3.3 percent in 2000 and 5 percent in 2016. If you fall into this growing number, we have some tips that will help make your designated home office work for you.

Tips For Designing Your Home Office

Choose Color Wisely

Color can stimulate your brain, increase your creativity, and even create a calming effect. For these reasons and more, the colors you choose to decorate your home office space are important. With all that said, different natures of work might require different energy levels. For instance, if you work in a creative profession, yellow will serve to liven and re-inspire your space, while green is foolproof in stimulating energy. On the other hand, if your work requires your concentration and focus, a peachy shade of pink or a fresh shade of blue can improve your focus and concentration.

Location, Location, Location

In terms of location, your home office space should be in a quiet and private area. Location is especially important if you share your house with others. Having a space dedicated to work is crucial because it helps you get into the right mindset to focus and concentrate. Don’t forget to consider lighting when choosing your home office space. Working in an area with natural light can help reduce headaches, eyestrain, and can have a positive impact on your mental well-being.

Bring The Outdoors In 

If you don’t have access to natural light—or even if you dothe benefits of incorporating other naturally-inspired elements into your home office space are manifold. Think potted plants, textiles with leaf motifs, nature-centric artwork, and plenty of the color green. Decor with ties to nature positively impact things like creativity and stress levels. Want to add some plants to your space? Check out Vishion’s tips on how to add houseplants into your interior design. 

Repurpose A Space

Not everyone is fortunate to have an extra empty room for a home office. If you are looking for innovative ways to add a dedicated space for work, think about repurposing a table, bookshelf, or room. Some of our favorite dual-purpose areas are dining room/office combinations. While dinner parties are on a temporary hold, consider turning your formal room into the perfect WFH haven. Don’t have a dining room? Creative areas using space-saving furniture under a staircase, a nook, or tucked away in a corner, can help you create a dedicated space for your 9-5 even if you don’t have the extra room.

Using Vishion to Inspire Your Home Office

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