Horoscope Color Series | Gemini and The Air Signs

Here at Vishion, we love everything horoscope related, especially when it comes to color. Today we highlight the Air sign Gemini. Symbolizing growth, rejuvenation, and creativity, Gemini’s colors are green, black, white, pink, and red. This post will show you how to subtly incorporate the Gemini sign into your interior design.

Plus, we’ll show you how our Shopify app color customizer filter can help your customers find these colors throughout your store. 

Gemini and The Air Signs

The Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra

The Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra

Gemini’s belong to the air sign classification along with their Libra and Aquarius cousins.

“Air signs are gifted with the ability to concentrate their dynamism on ideas that have not yet come into the material world so that eventually … they do.” – Maria DiSimone of Tarot.com

Gemini Color Palette

Interior Design by Home-Designing

Known for being curious, affectionate, and kind, Gemini’s are born between May 21 and June 21. While green is the main color of their personality, red, pink, black, and white are also associated with the sign.

In Latin, the word Gemini means twins, representing the constellations Castor and Pollux, which makes sense as to why Gemini’s often prefer geometric patterns.

While Gemini’s are known for their kind nature, they do have a dark side represented in the black of their color palette. Be careful, a Gemini can be sarcastic, impulsive, and a heartbreaker.


Gemini Green living room design

Photo by Ideal Home UK

The Color of Nature

The adventurous and fun-loving qualities of a Gemini are shown through the color green, which is the main hue of this zodiac sign.  Green is the color of nature, symbolizing growth, tranquility, and balance. It is considered a wood color in classing Feng Shui principles.

Just like this dominant color, Gemini’s are known to be creative and strive for success. Use a deep emerald green in your home to bring a sense of safety and healing to your space.


The Color of Strength

The color black is an important part of the Gemini color palette.  Power, strength, authority, sophistication, and elegance are what make up both this color and Gemini’s qualities.

The hue has a deep depth, and a dark side, just like a Gemini. While many opt for a lighter color palette in their homes, Gemini’s may benefit from having a dark, moody room in black.

Take a look at how Vishion’s Shopify App works by trying the Vishion Demo Website using this deep color with our color customizer filter.


The Color of Purity

The color white is associated with light, purity, conquest, and harvest.  This is important for Gemini’s because success and prosperity are key factors within this zodiac sign.

The easy-going and passionate qualities of a Gemini and the color white match beautifully together.

Remember, Gemini is a twin and its dark side is perfectly paired with purity, just like the yin and yang. While a Gemini might benefit from a moody room in their home, a white bathroom or bedroom could be the serene space this sign seeks.


Pink dining room

Photo by Italian Bark

The Color of Universal Love

Gemini’s are incredibly loving people, which matches perfectly with the color pink.  Pink is the color of universal love of not just others, but also oneself.

Friendship, affection, and harmony are qualities that both Gemini’s and this sweet hue contain. Gemini’s will do anything to protect their friends. They always try to keep their relationships as balanced as possible.

If you’re eager to reflect these personality traits, think about incorporating this gentle color into your home with a sleek coat of paint or a charming piece of furniture.


The Color of Passion

Red is the color of seduction, love, romance, and adventure. Gemini’s are very passionate, loving people that want to fill their relationships with as much adventure as possible.

To spice up your space, consider adding a deep red rug, some art, or warm textures to bring a little passion to your home.

How Vishion Can Help Your Customers Get That Gemini Inspired Look and More

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  1. Elsir
    December 31, 2020

    I don;’t mean to be noobish but his is wrong. Gemini’s primary color is YELLOW. Mint/Seagreen is a sub-color, as well as baby blue.


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