As stay at home orders continue across the United States, Americans are working from home to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Thanks to technology, video conferencing has become the go-to solution for staying connected with your coworkers and families. From proper lighting and camera placement to an interesting and appropriate background, Interior Design for Your Zoom Meeting is uncharted territory for most.  Here are some tips to spice up your video-conference background and make it as appealing as possible! 

Interior Design Tips For Your Zoom Meeting

Photo courtesy of Light Industries Blog

Show off that bookshelf with pride

Photo and Design by Danielle Patteno Architecture

If you’ve been collecting hundreds of books for your bookshelf, now is your time to shine. Show of your collection with a little style. Take off those dust jackets and incorporate the many colorful book spines in your design for an understated, yet visually pleasing background.  Neatly stack the books by color or go full maximalism with a random assortment of titles.

Interior designer, Dani Arps, says a bookshelf can add a lot to your zoom meeting. Just don’t do too much.

“Think neutrals and subtle colors, the zoom app is to mimic an in-person meeting so the focus should be you, however having a near and minimal background presents as more professional. Try simply restyling your bookshelf and make sure you have adequate lighting!” says award winning designer, Dani Arps.

Photo and design by Hudson Interior Design

TIP: For a more unified look, flip the books over and show the fore edge! This will create a cohesive look that is dynamic, subtle but still stylish.

Dynamic backgrounds are a big mood

Sitting in front of anything other than a blank wall creates a mood, whether it’s an eclectic picture wall, a mix of textiles, or exposed slabs of concrete or brick.  Try to make these backgrounds as eye-catching as possible, but don’t overdo it with too much going on behind you.

“Homes are indeed personal spaces and you will definitely share a little more than usual when working from home. Remember to curate and organize: Having photos, artwork, books, and even travel memorabilia in your background is completely understandable,” says Catherine Baticulon of Wingate Hughes Architects.

Photo courtesy of Curbed

Bring Life To Your Space With Plants

Orchids. Photo by Erika Giovanetti

Boosting your mood, increasing productivity, adding color, and purifying the air, indoor plants are important on and off your video call. Often incorporated into high-end interior design, plants are an element of design that is more than just pretty to look at. Share your green thumb and beautify that background with some nature and serenity.

“Indeed, vibrant color, great lighting, and plants often do wonders for interiors, and in the time of constant video conferencing, those features can be helpful shortcuts for creating an impressive virtual interior,” says architecture critic, Alexandra Lange.

Photo and design by West Elm

TIP: Adding houseplants to your design doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Use this handy guide to add pots and plants to your decor. 

Finding Your Light

The most important and simple thing to remember when setting up your zoom meeting is the light! Spending time designing your space, to sit in the dark won’t do you much good. When possible, utilize the natural light around you.

Adequate lighting is important but so is color temperature. A mix of warm and cool lighting can throw your video out of whack.

“Got some natural light in the room? Your camera will actually display that with a different color temperature than your light fixtures. If you’re getting some funky mixes of warm and cool colors going on, this could be your reason. And as fun as some psychedelic color combos might sound… probably not what you should be going for with that big presentation. Make sure you don’t have too heavy of a lighting combo at work,” Says video conferencing software, Highfive.

Photo and design by West Elm

TIP: At Vishion, we love using a ring light to make sure we look our best on conference calls and webinars. Don’t have one handy or can’t get one in time? This lighting guide from Highfive helps you create the perfect lighting in your space. 

Seating and Computer Height

Have you ever seen someone take a selfie with the camera pointed down at them? It might look weird, but there’s a good reason for the technique. If you feel like you’re looking a little goofy on your video call, it could be how you’re sitting and where your computer is positioned. Having your camera at eye level and positioned far enough away, is key for creating the perfect video conference call and eliminating an unwanted double chin.

Take a look at this photo of Prince Charles. Notice how he has boxes and books stacked to bring his device to eye-level? Rising your device can help create a more personal experience, allowing your team to see you in a more realistic setting.

Although we appreciate, Prince Charles’ effort, one or two more books on that stack would have done the trick. The good news is that nobody sees what’s behind your camera. Stack up books, Amazon boxes or even a shoebox! Anything to create a stable, even surface that’s safe for your device.

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