Building Color Palettes Off Of Trending Textiles

Textiles can serve to inspire many facets of interior design; in spite of that fact, that they are often seen as an afterthought. Today on the blog, we explore textile trends and how to use your favorite trends to inspire your own color palettes.

Photo by Mel Poole

Drawing Inspiration from Abstract Art

Abstract expressionist artwork—characterized by the unexpected mingling of colors, shapes, and forms—was derived in the 1940s and 1950s. Famed abstract expressionists, such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, used the art form as a means of portraying profound and universal emotions, in the wake of World War II. Much like art, textiles can be used to evoke a mood. This year, textile trends reflect the expressionists‘ canvas, via punchy colors, color blocking, bold geometrics and contrasting abstract patterns.

Contrast Cool in Mineral via Kravet

Drawing Inspiration from Travel

Globally-inspired patterns have been on-trend for some time. This year, patterns featuring rich tones, rugged textures, Indian block prints, paisley patterns, and intricate hand-dyeing techniques, such as decorative ikat, will lend the look of global eclecticism to everything from throw pillows to wall tapestries.

Rena Carnation via Eastern Accents

Botanically Inclined

Color trends from the past several years have paid homage to nature and this year’s textile trends are in a similar vein. Over the years, various patterns inspired by flowers and foliage have cycled into trendiness, but this season’s botanical prints are set apart by a strong painterly element and a desaturated color scheme. Palm prints will be a key motif in fabric design.

Amazonia Palm via Eastern Accents

Boujee Blues

Speaking of color trends, blue will be absolutely everywhere this year, in the realm of interior design and well beyond. Blue is a grounding color that can shift the ambiance of a room. It can serve as a bright neutral or soothing accent. Because of its versatility, we will see textiles in different shades of bluesuch as Naval, Classic Blue, and French Bluepopulating collections this year. Blue upholstery, particularly in muted renditions, will be especially trendy.

Hutch Print in Navy via Kravet

Dauphine via Kravet

Luxurious Velvet

Because of the high cost associated with producing it, velvet is a textile trend that errs elite. Velvet can be made from synthetic materials or natural fibers, such as silk. This season, velvet sofas in shades of pink, beige, grey, dark blue, and bottle green will be especially trendy, boasting elegance and comfort in equal parts. 

Devon Velvet Sofa in Green via Lulu and Georgia

Building Color Palettes With Vishion

Textiles can serve as the jumping-off point in design. With the Vishion app, users can use a fabric swatch to inspire a color palette and create a Vishion board.


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