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Here at vishion, we understand that adding patterns to your home can be a little scary. Overwhelming your home with too many patterns is a common mistake but today’s blog is going to help take away the stress. This post discusses how to add patterns to your home while still maintaining a sleek, beautiful design! 

Geometric Patterns

Photo by Liana Mikah

Geometric patterns give your design a more modern feel and its popularity has been on the rise. This pattern often includes distinct points, straight lines, and sharp angles, always including one common characteristic – shape. Knowing how and when to add this pattern to your interior design means knowing the answer to the question: what exactly is a geomatic shape?

Geometric shapes and patterns (formed from a series of geometric patterns) are everywhere, you may just not realize it. They come in the form of squares, triangles, hexagons, circles, ovals, lines, and more. Adding this type of pattern can bring your home’s creativity to a new level. As you design, it is important not to go overboard with geometric patterns or the shapes won’t get their moment to shine.


Photo by Simon Upton

Floral fabrics and wallpaper are another throwback turned contemporary design trend. While adding florals to your home might come with a little hesitancy, one thing to keep in mind is there is a huge difference between the floral interior design of 2020 and the old flowery designs you might remember from your grandmother’s couch or bedspread.

This year adding florals to a wallpaper as we discussed in a past blog post, St. Patrick’s Day Green That’s Lucky All Year Long, is a great way to add a bright accent wall to your home while still keeping the simplicity you may want. Wallpaper trends today incorporate floral patterns of all different sizes and color patterns so there are many different options to choose from when looking to update your home.

TIP: When adding floral designs, or any wallpaper, to your space, don’t forget to line up the seams! Creating one cohesive image elevates your interior design. 

Bold Backsplashes

One of the best ways to really make your kitchen and bathrooms POP is by adding a lively and fun backsplash to your home. A backsplash’s purpose is not just to protect your walls, but to bring some extra life and style to your space. You can design your backsplash to be a colorful and bright accent for your home or you can design to complement the space’s existing color palette.

TIP: When adding a bold patterned backsplash to your space, make sure you choose a material and color that won’t clash with your existing design! When purchasing tile for a backsplash, bring a sample of your countertop to the store. After you choose your tile, bring it home and try it in your home’s natural light. 

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