The color Pink, which once overloaded bathrooms across the nation in the 1950s, is having a major glow up. Step outside of grandma’s house and into the new Barbie dream home with these trending shades of the classic Pink.

Pink Through The Ages

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Gender norms traditionally assigned this airy hue to the X chromosome, but in recent years America has liberated the color Pink. From bright kitchen backsplashes and updated bathroom tile to a bold pop with paint, give your home a modern vintage makeover with a little bubblegum charm.

Pink History

  1. “Mamie Pink”
    •  First Lady Mamie Eisenhower was pivotal in popularizing the color, which is often referred to as “Mamie Pink” or “First Lady Pink.” Her husband President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent her pink flowers every morning. She re-decorated the private quarters in the White House in pink — so much so that reporters called it the “Pink Palace.” And, the bathroom in her Gettysburg retirement home was pink down to the cotton balls. – Save The Pink Bathrooms
  2. Post-War Color Palette
    • After World War II, the color Pink was often paired in a classic postwar color palette with turquoise, chartreuse, and candy apple red.

Pink Color Psychology

In classic Feng Shui, Pink is considered a Fire Color along with Red, Orange, Yellow, and Purple. According to, Pink is said to represent feelings of love, calmness, innocence, and optimism. While it is considered a non-threatening color, it can be viewed as weak, vulnerable, and silly, but the meaning depends on the context in which it is presented.

Pink in the Home

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Need to update your guest bathroom? Pink can add a welcoming touch to your high-traffic bathroom. A pigmented Pink wall or backsplash could help hide obvious wear and tear in these shared spaces. Try pairing your Pink palette with a white, grey, or exposed wood cabinet. Because the hue is made up of red and white, certain shades of Pink can be equally as eye-catching as red.


Color Trend Watch | Pink

Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink is a color that will brighten up any room. From accents on wallpaper to painting a bedroom, this color will be sure to bring some positive energy and happy vibes to your home. Pastels are a great way to incorporate calming colors into a children’s bedroom, bathroom, or master suite.

Vishion’s Favorite Pastel Pink

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Watermelon Pink

While this fruit-inspired Pink might be a little bit too bright for some homes, it is a great shade to use when looking for an accent color. Great for backsplashes, throw pillows, or fun lighting fixtures, Watermelon Pink adds a little bit of excitement to your home. Go BOLD or pair with a neutral color palette.

Vishion’s Favorite Watermelon Pink

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Coral Pink

Coral Pink is often associated with summertime and warm weather. If you’re looking to spice up your traditional beach palette, try adding Coral Pink to the art and decor throughout your home.

Vishion’s Favorite Coral Pink

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