Summer Color Combos To Brighten Your Home Design

Summer is the perfect time to spice things up with pops of bright and bold colors.  Splashy and dazzling colors can turn a dull space into one that sparks joy.  These colors will make your home feel fresh, on-trend, and inviting all year long and keep your interior feeling innovative.  

A Variety of Summer Colors

When choosing the perfect summer color palette, think about incorporating the different vibrant hues that you see outside the home. From the light and airy shades of the sky to the tranquil colors of greenery and the variety of blooming flowers, these colors can catch the eye in a lovely way.

Beige and Blue

blue and beige bathroom design

Photo by Lumos Kitchen

The mix of blues and beiges in a space can create a calming and casual vibe to it.  This pairing is the staple of nautical and coastal decor, which can work in a variety of cases.  Utilizing a beige sofa or chairs adds a bit more warmth than stark white and creates more character within a room.  Add pillows or patterns with pops of navy, turquoise, sky blue, or sea glass green to bring this look alive.

Aqua and Coral

Coral and Aqua are very popular summer colors that add a splash of color in any room.  These hues of greens, blues, pinks, and oranges are naturally eye-catching and can invigorate a space with vitality.  This combination of colors in throw pillows or rugs adds a youthful and fun addition to a space that is bound to make an interior cool and fresh.

Seafoam and White

seafoam and white living room design

Photo by Decoist

From kitchens to patios and living rooms, seafoam and white bring a sense of serenity and a calming presence to any room. This airy and refreshing combination can make you feel as relaxed as possible. Simply add a throw blanket or bedspread for the perfect touch.

Yellow and Purple

purple and yellow couch in room

Photo by Trendir

This color combination is a reminder of being in a gorgeous field of flowers and soaking up the sun.  You can be bold with the addition of both these colors in a room or add just a slight touch of each for a perfect balance.

Red and Pink

The mix of light pinks and reds throughout a space can bring in lovely hues of brightness that remind of us of romance and passion.  A deep hue of red on a sofa with pink-patterned pillows can add loads of character to a room you have always wanted to spice up.  Even some salmon tones on the walls or incorporated in pictures in a gallery wall add exquisiteness to a room.

Use Vishion To Get Your Summer Look

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