Sexy Workout Equipment That Blends Fitness and Design

Thanks to the coronavirus, gyms are closed, in-person workout classes are canceled and many Americans now find themselves pumping iron from home. If you’re one of the millions of people around the world trying to adapt to working out from home, don’t worry, Vishion has found the BEST exercise equipment that adds a little style to your home.

Fitness and Interior Design

A 2017 study by Statista found that U.S. fitness centers had a total membership of 60.87 million. That means that almost 20 percent of people need to look for a new place to get fit. With most Americans asked to STAY HOME, fitness fanatics are now moving their health regimens to their living room.

If space is limited and you can’t designate a sole workout location or you simply have an eye for interior design, these products seamlessly merge fitness and home interior design.


The Mirror

Photo by Mirror

If you know me, you know how much I hate working out and waking up. If you can get me out of bed, you most definitely can’t get me to do some cardio. As an athlete my entire life, I’ve often struggled to find a workout routine in my adult years. Once I figured out that flipping and diving could no longer be a part of my daily routine, I kind of just gave up. I’ve dabbled a time or two with activities like rock climbing and bike riding but nothing has ever stuck, until the Mirror.

If you haven’t seen the targeted Instagram ads or visually appealing commercials, you are missing out. The Mirror was designed to provide an all-encompassing workout experience in a product that blends in with your home. According to its website, you can turn two-feet of wall space into a personal fitness studio. Mounting it to the wall or using the sleek stand, any room in your home can transform into a workout area when you need it. Mirror has tens of thousands of classes, ranging from kickboxing and cardio to pilates and yoga. The expert-led workouts are a great alternative to a gym membership or in addition to a fitness routine. The best part is that visitors won’t even be able to tell you have a gym in your living room.


Ubarre weight

Ubarre fitness weight by equipt

Ubarre weight by Equipt

According to heathline.com, strength training is an essential part of any workout routine. Adding some iron can help build lean muscle mass, burn calories, and boost your metabolism. If you’re looking for weighted equipment online, there are endless “traditional” options that are practical but not exactly interior design-friendly. The Equipt Ubarre is the perfect solution to help you move through life, in style.

“EQUIPT was created to help you bring movement into life. By elevating the workout products you know and creating the ones you’re just discovering, we hope to create pieces that will help you bring more movement into life.” – Equipt

The Ubarre weight comes in 4 sizes and 4 color options. With 4, 8, 12, and 16 lb options, the sleek u-shaped design is available in gold, white, charcoal, and black. Throw it on a shelf as a statement piece or give your home gym a serious upgrade with this piece that’s art for your body.


Banka Workout Bench

Banka Bench by Pent

Advertised as the most luxurious workout bench on the market, this sturdy wooden structure is stylish enough to be found in any room of your home. Whether in an entryway, bedroom, or dedicated gym, the Banka Bench by Pent is your solution to a weight lifting destination.

“Our collection is created for home exercises, guaranteeing you the comfort of training in your own home and at the same time an elegant element of decor. Our products adapt perfectly to even the smallest spaces and please the eye.” Anna, Head Of Design at Pent

Pent says using wood for your workout bench is the ultimate body upgrade. Easier on the back and containing natural antibacterial qualities, this craftsman bench is practical luxury at its finest.


Pushup Bars, Handheld Weights and Dumbbells

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Made with top-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and serious interior design in mind, HOCK fitness equipment is beautiful and practical. Their structural, modern design features sustainable wood, grade 303 non-reactive stainless steel, and Italian leather.

“Each product is at the same time beautiful as well as functional and using the HOCK DESIGN dumbbells, jump ropes and toning weights take a workout to an entirely new, more enjoyable level.” – HOCK

Design is a driving factor behind HOCK products. Their fitness re-imagination has secured the brand some recognition across the design world. In 2010, HOCK received the ISPO BRAND NEW Award from ISPO Munich, the leading international sports business trade show. In 2011, the brand was nominated for the German Design Council design award.


Sitting Ball Chair

Vivora Luna ball chair for exercise, office and home

Luna sitting ball by Vivora

Every good home gym has a multi-functional exercise ball. According to the experts at spine-health, yoga balls help fitness fanatics increase their lumbar (lower back) mobility, increase abdominal and back strength, increase balance and stability, and develop overall control and strength of the core muscles. The only issue is, these giant, inflatable balls don’t exactly fit into luxe interior designs. That’s where the Luno Ball by Vivora comes in.

“Think of Luno sitting ball chairs as one of those normal yoga balls in a fine dress or a tailored suit.” – Vivora

Vivora says they came up with the concept for the Luno ball from a traditional exercise ball. The sphere is made from anti-burst PVC that doesn’t deform under your weight. A variety of covers in leather or felt provide an area to sit in your home office, prop your feet up in your living room, or workout in your home gym. The best part is that the cost of the Luno ball is one of the cheapest luxury fitness design items on our list.

Vishion’s Favorite Interiors Blending Fitness and Design

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