A User’s Guide to Trending Shades of Yellow

The color yellow conveys energy, optimism, and warmth. In this article, we explore three trending shades of yellow and the color palettes they ensue.

Yellow is one of those colors that can instantly liven up any room. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of it, there’s no denying that yellow grabs attention like few other colors can. One thing to keep in mind about yellow is that it can be incredibly polarizing; while some people might find it to be cheerful and uplifting, others might find it aggressive and visually strenuous. 

“The radiant color of yellow promotes happiness and optimism in the observer. Yellow is said to promote happiness more than any of the other major colors. Believed to have an influence on the left side of the human brain, yellow helps foster strong analytical thinking.” – David Kelly via Medium

Yellow in the Home


The color yellow tends to bode well in the realm of interior design. According to HGTV, yellow can serve to activate memory, stimulate senses, and promotes communication and creativity. This being said, overuse of it can lead to visual fatigue. If you plan to use yellow in a big way within your home, opt for a spectrum of shade of yellow, which will increase the versatility of the color.

Photo via Lulu & Georgia

Yellow Trend Watch

Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow is a rendition of the color that errs on the side of subdued. Golden Yellow signifies luxury and luminosity and is best suited to nurseries, home office spaces, bedrooms, and living rooms. Pictured below: Golden Fleece SW 6388

*Spicy* Yellow

If you’re drawn to the warmth of Golden Yellow, you might find shades such as mustard, ocher, curry, and walleye to be similarly appealing. In addition to the compliments shown below, these rich and spicy shades of yellow also pair well with gray. Pictured below, Sherwin-Williams: Curry SW 6671
  • HEX D88F32
  • HEX C98227
  • HEX E39A33
    • Sunflower SW 6678
  • HEX D69835
    • Trinket SW 6685

Lemon Yellow

Lemon yellow lends energy and cheerfulness to any room it’s used in, making it the perfect color for a child’s playroom. For adults, lemon yellow can be used strategically in the kitchen or even in a workspace to instantly refresh the space and foster feelings of creativity and positivity. Lemon yellow combines well with a variety of other colors, including pale pink, light and bright blues, and magenta. Pictured below, Sherwin-Williams: Lemon Twist SW 6909
  • HEX FED95D
  • HEX FAD97A
    • Daffodil SW 6901
  • HEX FEDF94
    • Sunny Veranda SW 9017

Vishion’s Favorite Yellow Interior Designs

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