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Fall Fashion|Trends in Designs & Interiors

Summer is almost over, which means Fall and all of its fashion and interior design trends are just around the corner.  From Paris to New York City, we can’t wait to see what is in store this season and how runway design will find its way to your home’s interior.

Fall Interior Inspo

Photo Courtesy of Fillipo Fior

Throughout the years, there have been many designers who have blended fashion and interior design effortlessly, and this Fall, we hope it’s no different!  Let’s take a look at some fabulous trends in design, color, and home interiors and what to expect this Fall in the world of fashion.

Leather Chaise Lounge – Make it Fashion!

Leather Chaise Lounge Fashion

Photo by Moon Choi

Fashion Inspired Tufted Furniture

Tufted outerwear is taking center-stage this Fall season and is bound to steal the show.  The art of tufting, which originated in Victorian England, keeps the stuffing in furniture in place and adds a touch of character to each piece.  This ready-to-wear jacket from fashion designer Moon Choi combines the hand-made elements of a brown leather tufted sofa into a piece that is fashionable, yet comfortable.

Fringed Curtain Dresses… Oh Yes!

Carlo Scarpato Dress

Photo Courtesy of Carlo Scarpato

Fringed Fabric Design

Fringed curtain dresses are here to stay!  This look by fashion designer Matty Bovan brings tufted curtains into the limelight and shows off certain trends with fringe we see in interior design.  Fringe is being found everywhere, from mirrors, lampshades, throw blankets, and on pillows.  We want to see more fringe this upcoming Fall season!

A Marie Antoinette Moment

Filippio Fior

Photo Courtesy of Filippio Fior

HGTV Window Dressing

Photo by HGTV

Classic French Design

This swagged skirt look a la Marie Antoinette is everything and more!  Gucci showed off this mix of window dressing and actual wearable dress perfectly.  This Victorian style is becoming more trendy and is being seen in different rooms when it comes to accessories, curtains, sheets, or pillows.

Geometrics Dahling!

JW Anderson

Photo Courtesy of JW Anderson

Geometric Patterns and Accessories

Fashion designer JW Anderson wowed the crowds with this geometric look from his latest Fall 2020 collection.  He wanted to show his love of geometrics and how these different shapes, from spikes to circles, subtly stand out. From spiked sconces to circular mirrors and geometric angular chandeliers, interior designers are using these shapes everywhere in their projects!

Get the Fall Fashion-Inspired Look With Vishion

Do these fab Fall fashion-inspired looks inspire you?  Incorporate these unique looks and colors into your home or next interior design project.  Simply choose a color in our color search engine and let Vishion put your favorite home decor colors to work.

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Trend Alert | Florals, Greenery, and Wood Tones Galore

The florals of the late 1900s are making a comeback and are longer associated with your grandmother’s living room. These updated on-trend patterns bring the outside through florals that pop and natural wood tones that are modern and timeless. Inspired by garden florals and nature, Vishion dives into interior designs modeled after this trend.

Florals, Greenery, and Wood Tones Galore

Image and Design by Christopher Stark

Since the beginning of its popularity in the 1950s, florals can be found everywhere from drapery, wallpaper, and statement upholstery. Many picture this pattern covering their grandmother’s house, however, modern interior design features florals in an updated way. Using shades of blues, greens, browns, greys, and pinks, this nature-inspired palette can help brighten your home with a sustainable feel.

Floral Upholstery

Design by Nαzly Habib (Source: Instagram)

If you love the feel the florals but aren’t ready to deck out the walls, try adding a subtle upholstered fabric to your dining room or kitchen chairs. Pair it with your favorite indoor plant to add a hint of greenery. When starting from scratch, use the floral fabric to create the rooms color palette. Vishion can help you find your favorite pattern and identify your palette’s featured color with our custom color search engine. Floral upholstery adds a chic, modern, and elegant touch that brightens your space and makes it feel warm and airy.

Moody Wood Tones

Design by Proem Studio

If your preferred personal design style is more dark and mysterious, consider incorporating wood tones and natural materials into your home interior design. Think dark greens, muted yellows, and elegant shades of black. A great way to incorporate natural woods is by refinishing furniture and restoring it to its natural state. Search your city’s Facebook marketplace or Nextdoor app to find furniture that can be stripped, sanded, and stained. Stained – an eco and budget-friendly alternative to expensive furniture store prices.

Subtle Floral Inspired Tiles

Design by Jordan Shifrin (source: Instagram)

Florals don’t need to be obvious. You can use floral-inspired tiles, for example, to still incorporate nature into your space. Take a look at this design by Jordan Shifrin. Using this daisy-inspired pattern, wood-toned barstools, and vibrant, green plants, this design is bright, modern, and trendy without trying too hard.

Using Vishion to Explore this Color Palette

Download the Vishion app to explore any of the colors from this palette, create an inspiration board, and select complementary colors. Then, find fabric, wallpaper, furniture, or art to match!


An Insider Look at 7 Celebrity Interior Designs, Thanks to Zoom

Celebrities: They’re just like us, with their neon-hued basements, dedicated shoe closets and built-in shelving units brimming with Oscars. Well, maybe they’re not *quite* like us, but thanks to social distancing, us normal folk have gotten to peek inside the homes of the rich and the famous to see how the other side lives.

Zoom, Zoom

zoom video conference

Photo by Allie on Unsplash

If there’s one… interesting… takeaway from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that we’re all inviting each other into our homes on a more intimate (yet virtual) level. People who may never get to peek inside the walls of our homes now get to judge us based on the novels on our bookshelves, not the self-help books piled on our desks. And in true celebrity-thirsty fashion, normal people just like you and me now have the opportunity to dissect the interior design choices of our favorite celebs via zoom.

1. John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Social media queen Chrissy Teigen has always felt comfortable sharing the intimate details of her life with her adoring fans. But now that she has all the time in the world (read: no choice but to stay home), she’s shared even more of her life at home with husband and singer John Legend.

The Teigen-Legend household is just as aesthetically pleasing as you might expect from a bombshell model and her artist husband. Teigen likes to poke fun at her perfectly imperfect life on Twitter, but it’s clear that a lot of effort, time, and investment has gone into making their home’s interior design a place where you want to spend time. With a bright, open kitchen that would make a Michelin-star chef blush and a home gym filled with sexy fitness equipment, this is one celebrity house where I wouldn’t mind being quarantined for a few months. (OK, I’ll start packing my bags now if you insist…)

2. Tom Hanks

Cherry kitchen cabinets are admittedly not my thing. But Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks, and he can make anything look good. “Hanx,” as he lovingly signs off on Twitter, invited us into his home at a particularly vulnerable time — right when the coronavirus pandemic started. He hosted SNL’s first at-home special from his kitchen and helped many confused, troubled Americans forget about the world for a little while.

That being said, if I had as much money as Tom Hanks, you better believe that my kitchen would be bright, big, and outfitted with more pasta arms than I could ever use in one day.

3. Pete Davidson…’s mom’s basement

Pete Davidson shows that a man cave doesn’t have to be a dark, dank pit of despair (and testosterone). His mom’s basement — yes, really — is a colorful oasis that’s fun and outfitted with all the modern fixtures that make life easier. Davidson showed off his pad in a recent episode of Saturday Night at Home, but that’s not the first time he’s invited his dedicated fans into his crib. Prior to his Netflix stand-up comedy special, he gave a tour of his basement apartment, complete with his signature self-deprecating humor that only a charming man as himself can pull off.

By any measure, Davidson’s home is one of the most fun homes of all the SNL actors, despite the fact that his mom lives upstairs. From the under-cabinet lighting to the *ahem* very nice shower, Davidson’s home is kind of what you’d expect from a single guy in his 20s who’s successful and famous.

4. John Krasinski

I’m a sucker for nice built-in cabinets, particularly when they’re filled with volumes of books, personal trinkets, and children’s art. Plus, abundant natural lighting never hurt anyone, either. If you’re anything like me, then the John Krasinski-Emily Blunt household may have caught your attention, as well. The actor-director power-couple that we’ve all come to envy has given us another reason to be a little jealous: their Brooklyn apartment, which they bought in early 2019 for $15.3 million, according to Vogue.

Krasinski’s home is also the production set for his quarantine remedy clip show, “Some Good News,” which floods my social media feed with feel-good stories when all the bad news becomes too much to bear.

5. Queen Elizabeth II

If there’s anyone in the world who has no excuse but to have the perfect setup for their Zoom call, it’s Queen Elizabeth II. In an address to the British people on the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Queen Elizabeth II broadcasted live from her office in Windsor Castle, which was accented by fresh-cut flowers and a photograph of her father, King George VI, who had announced the end of World War II at the same date and time 75 years earlier.

The professional setup and execution of this announcement makes it slightly more official than some of the other Zoom calls on this list, but who’s to judge? In 2020, we all have the tools at our disposal to make our virtual messages heard, and seen.

6. Gayle King

Here’s the thing about yellow patterned wallpaper: It’s bold, and it makes a statement. People will either love it or hate it. The tiny, shriveled Italian nonna inside myself is in the former camp, although I can’t say I’d ever dare to be so bold as to embrace these bright hues in the fashion of television personality Gayle King.

King’s bright NYC apartment has some pretty impressive views, too. Even though she may be based in the epicenter of America’s coronavirus outbreak, it must be some solace to be able to soak in the Manhattan skyline from the comfort of her own home.

7. Colin Jost

Looking into SNL comedian Colin Jost’s living room, you can almost smell the leather and cigars. It certainly has a masculine touch, but it’s comforting and cozy, as well. Jost gave viewers a look inside his pad starting in April with Saturday Night Live at Home. Even without the news desk SNL fans have come to expect every weekend, Jost has guaranteed Weekend Update still feels like the satire news source we all need at the end of a long week in 2020 hellscape America.

Get The Look With Vishion

Are you inspired by the interior design of one of your favorite celebs? Vishion can help you design your home using their photos as inspiration! Simply upload a photo to our color search engine and let Vishion put your favorite colors to work. We LOVE Gayle King’s yellow wallpaper in HEX E8C761

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Trend Watch | Not-Your-Grandmother’s-Upholstery

Upholstery may give a nod to grandma, but in its most recent forms, it can serve to elevate interior designs and inspire color palettes. Keep reading to learn more about this year’s upholstery trends.

Trend Watch | Not-Your-Grandmother’s-Upholstery

According to an article published by House Beautiful late last year, Grandmillennial style is having its momentas are classical decorative elements of interior design, such as chintz patterns, antique furnishings, and contemporary upholstery. Today on the blog, we’re unpacking upholstery: what colors and styles will be trendy this year and how modern upholstery can be used as a jumping-off point in interior design.

Furniture Upholstery

Upholstery in French Blue

This year, blue upholstery, particularly in muted renditions, will be especially trendy. According to furniture designer and aficionado Roxy Te, via Kravet Blog, French Blue is this year’s Millennial Pink. French blue is pale, dusty, and minimalistic—in stark contrast to the moody hues found in traditional upholstery.

Bold Pink Upholstery

Designs by Obelisk Home

Upholstery doesn’t always have to blend in, you can use fabric to create a statement piece in your home. Take a look at this design by Obelisk Home, they took upholstery to a new eye-catching level by pairing a bold color and design with a bright, textured wall. The upholstered chairs feature a retro fabric that is updated with a modern, bold palette. This bold design landed Obelisk Home as a regional winner of the Vishion Design Awards.

Upholstered Walls

If you’re looking for a fresh way to design an accent wall, look no further than upholstery. An upholstered wall is a great way to add visual and textural intrigue to your space. Take the trend one step further by designing an upholstered wall mural, made possible by new materials and manufacturing techniques.

Types of Upholstery Fabrics

Tactile Fabrics 

Cozy elegance is a trendy theme this year, posing a source of tangible respite. Think shearling, sherpa, sheepskin, bouclé, and other high-pile textiles for upholstered sofas and armchairs.

Venetian Velvet

This season, velvet upholstery in shades of pink, beige, grey, dark blue, and bottle green will be especially trendy. This season’s velvets are soft and plush, understated, and easy to maintainwithout sacrificing even a fiber of the luxury the textile has earned repute for. 

Building Color Palettes With Vishion

Upholstery can serve as the jumping-off point in interior design. With the Vishion app, users can use a fabric swatch to inspire a color palette and create a Vishion board. Pictured below: Venetian, Forest via Kravet.

Building Color Palettes Off Of Trending Textiles

Textiles can serve to inspire many facets of interior design; in spite of that fact, that they are often seen as an afterthought. Today on the blog, we explore textile trends and how to use your favorite trends to inspire your own color palettes.

Photo by Mel Poole

Drawing Inspiration from Abstract Art

Abstract expressionist artwork—characterized by the unexpected mingling of colors, shapes, and forms—was derived in the 1940s and 1950s. Famed abstract expressionists, such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, used the art form as a means of portraying profound and universal emotions, in the wake of World War II. Much like art, textiles can be used to evoke a mood. This year, textile trends reflect the expressionists‘ canvas, via punchy colors, color blocking, bold geometrics and contrasting abstract patterns.

Contrast Cool in Mineral via Kravet

Drawing Inspiration from Travel

Globally-inspired patterns have been on-trend for some time. This year, patterns featuring rich tones, rugged textures, Indian block prints, paisley patterns, and intricate hand-dyeing techniques, such as decorative ikat, will lend the look of global eclecticism to everything from throw pillows to wall tapestries.

Rena Carnation via Eastern Accents

Botanically Inclined

Color trends from the past several years have paid homage to nature and this year’s textile trends are in a similar vein. Over the years, various patterns inspired by flowers and foliage have cycled into trendiness, but this season’s botanical prints are set apart by a strong painterly element and a desaturated color scheme. Palm prints will be a key motif in fabric design.

Amazonia Palm via Eastern Accents

Boujee Blues

Speaking of color trends, blue will be absolutely everywhere this year, in the realm of interior design and well beyond. Blue is a grounding color that can shift the ambiance of a room. It can serve as a bright neutral or soothing accent. Because of its versatility, we will see textiles in different shades of bluesuch as Naval, Classic Blue, and French Bluepopulating collections this year. Blue upholstery, particularly in muted renditions, will be especially trendy.

Hutch Print in Navy via Kravet

Dauphine via Kravet

Luxurious Velvet

Because of the high cost associated with producing it, velvet is a textile trend that errs elite. Velvet can be made from synthetic materials or natural fibers, such as silk. This season, velvet sofas in shades of pink, beige, grey, dark blue, and bottle green will be especially trendy, boasting elegance and comfort in equal parts. 

Devon Velvet Sofa in Green via Lulu and Georgia

Building Color Palettes With Vishion

Textiles can serve as the jumping-off point in design. With the Vishion app, users can use a fabric swatch to inspire a color palette and create a Vishion board.


2020 Trend Watch| Antique Furnishings

This year, antique and traditional furnishings are forecasted to be especially trendy. Today on the blog, we’re talking antiques, where to find them, and things to keep in mind when shopping for one-of-a-kind treasures.

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