Designing a Drag Inspired Room (Fit for a Queen)

At Vishion, we are a proud friend and ally of the LGBTQ+ community. This year, we celebrate PRIDE by designing a virtual space inspired by our favorite, most colorful Queens. From couches that WOW to BOLD rugs, these FABULOUS products curated by Vishion will help you celebrate your PRIDE all year long.

Drag Queens Aquarius, Ongina, Gia Gunn, Eric Jaffe, Heidi N Closet, and Alyssa Edwards

Drag Queens Aquarius, Ongina, Gia Gunn, Eric Jaffe, Heidi N Closet, and Alyssa Edwards

The “Mane” Event

colorful drag Queen Eric Jaffe and the Aura 280 Sofa

Drag Queen Eric Jaffe and the Aura 280 Sofa

Vibrant Sofa

We live for Eric Jaffe and his colorful mane of technicolor hair. Named Drag Queen of the year at the 2019 Philadelphia Drag Awards, we could create an inspiring color palette and room design from him alone.

“In the mainstream, drag is mostly identified as female impersonation,” said Jaffe, who is Jewish. “I do not identify it as that. Drag is sort of anything that elevates you to an extension of yourself or of another character, and it can be defined by physical things, like the way that you dress in appearance, or it can be from within. Drag has a very broad definition. There are a million kinds of drag. -Jaffe via the Jewish Exponent

Using the Vishion app, we found this vibrant Aura 280 Sofa inspired by Jaffe’s luxurious locks. Take a page out of Jaffe’s book and inspire your inner Drag with your home design.

An Out Of This World POP

A BOLD Side Table

A pristine, expected color palette keeps your home looking uniform but a little bit of the “unexpected” POP could take your home design to a new level. I can’t help but get inspired by Drag Queen Aquaria’s out-of-this-world hair; You may recognize her from Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag race. Known for her high-fashion and high-energy performance, Aquaria says she mixes pop-culture with a unique sense of visual style and glamour, the perfect recipe for a high-fashion, unexpected home design.

While searching through the Vishion app, I was pleasantly surprised to find this Tubular Side Table by Industry West.  Think a little outside the box, like this West Chester, PA native, and add a little unexpected flair to your home interior design.

Lay Down the Class

Drag Queen Ongina Image by Getty Images and the Sari Silk Area Rug Imported by S&H Rugs

Drag Queen Ongina Image by Getty Images and the Sari Silk Area Rug

Luxurious Silk Rug

I never really understood the power of a rug until I moved into a home with ALL hardwood floors. Let me correct myself. I never really understood the power of a beautiful, handcrafted rug until my current home. You know you’re grown up when the sight of a beautiful Persian piece can make you drool, just like the look Ongina has going on in this beautiful photo. Her class is the inspiration for what I consider to be the MOST important aspect of this room design. Inspired by her multi-colored silk attire, this Sari Silk Rug imported by S&H Rugs will set you back a pretty penny, but will last you a lifetime. Create a chic space with a piece that is timeless, handcrafted, and almost effortless, just like Ongina.

Ice Out Those Walls

Festive Paint

What good is some beautiful home decor if it’s set against a boring backdrop? RuPaul veteran, Gia Gunn, is the paint color inspiration for our drag-inspired room. This Chicago native is an icy “vishion” with accessories that sparkle and some serious highlighter perfection. With more than 1,500 paint colors in its library, there’s no better match for Gia Gunn than Sherwin-Williams Spangle SW 6834. This “icy” purple is a little bit gray with an added flair – classy and bright, just like Gia Gunn.

How About a Little Shade?

Drag Queen Heidi N Closet and Indigo blue Curtains by Eastern Accents

Drag Queen Heidi N Closet and Indigo Curtains by Eastern Accents

Rich Curtains

I love a bright room but sometimes you need a little shade. I’m a sucker for a good navy and this silk babydoll dress worn by Heidi N Closet is the perfect complementary color for our living room palette. Once I saw this photo, I instantly imagined a rich, luxurious curtain.

Inspired by Heidi, these Indigo Curtains by Eastern Accents bring a little cozy, comfort to this bold design. You may immediately go for a classic, sheer fabric, but you’ll thank us later when you want some Netflix and chill. Be bold, hang those curtains, and pull them closed for a serious night in. Did we mention Heidi N Closet is a Ramseur, North Carolina native? At Vishion we’re North Carolina proud; It’s just another reason to be inspired by her fearless look!



Who doesn’t love a good accessory? Whether you are putting together an outfit or designing a room, accessories are the finishing touch. Alyssa Edwards’ bubblegum pink hair, bright pink lip, and fierce talons are the inspiration for our final home decor search. We had all the big-ticket items but knew our drag room could use a little art inspired by that sweet, colorful bob.

Using the Vishion app, we found this Photograph by Jochen Cerny. It pulls the entire room together just like a good handbag. With Vishion, there are thousands of pieces of art to choose from thanks to retailers like Zatista. Upload your inspirational photo and explore the endless possibilities. In the end, what’s a good look without the right accessories to complete it?

Use Vishion To Inspire Your Design

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