A Very Brady Renovation

When we think of Interior Design, we often talk about designing a space to update it, but sometimes a home renovation means restoring a space back to its glory days. Find out how HGTV worked with the Brady Brunch to recreate the iconic 1960s house

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A Very Brady Renovation on HGTV took the country by storm throughout its four-episode mini-series.  The HGTV show was about the total renovation of a home to restore it back to the beloved Brady Bunch house. The whole renovation took around six months to complete and more than 9,000 working hours. Thanks to the help of the six Brady kids, the transformation is almost a complete replication.


Photo courtesy of HGTV

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott worked with Peter Brady (Christopher Knight) to recreate the exterior of the Brady home. This dynamic trio matched and updated the exterior paint to the original “Brady Beige” color. Thanks to a surge in popularity of mid-century modern home decor, the exterior of the Brady home could fit in many neighborhoods today.

 Dining Room

Photo courtesy of HGTV

The living room, dining room, and the staircase were designed with the help of Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick) and Cindy Brady (Susan Olsen). The television sisters and Property Brothers worked hard to make sure the sofa designs kept the vintage vibe throughout the entire room. The mix of green and brown fabrics and dark woods brings that mid-century feel to the entire space.


Photo courtesy of HGTV

The design team says that the reconstruction of the famous avocado green orange kitchen was one of the most enjoyable parts of the renovation. The green paint chosen for the kitchen chairs, cabinets, and refrigerator all resemble the classic look from the Brady Bunch show, even the orange laminate is spot on. The Brady siblings who worked on this kitchen said this part of the reno brought back the most memories. The actors say they spent the most time throughout the show in the Brady kitchen.

 Living Room

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The recreation of the family room shows off the 60’s style wood paneling throughout the space. Daybeds featuring bold, plaid patterns, are a nod to the trends of the time. Adding a pop of color, the light brown leather chairs were added to compliment the red table. The cast says they wanted this room to stay rustic and have a very vintage feel to it.


Photo courtesy of HGTV

The final renovation of the Brady house was the backyard. Greenery was brought in to compliment the classic swingset that was used in the original show.  A teeter-totter and doghouse were also built alongside a mini garden to add color throughout the backyard.  The cast says they loved how the backyard came together as the last part of this amazing renovation.

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