The Only App With Color & Keyword Analytics

Gain data-driven insights about your customers’ shopping behaviors through search and filter analytics. Only Vishion users can see what colors being searched and filtered on your Shopify website.

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Color & Keyword Analytics

Vishion is the only Shopify App that not only tracks keyword searches on your website, but also the most popular colors and products your customers are looking for online.

Advanced Keyword Data

Track the most popular terms being searched on your website.

Most Popular Colors

Track and analyze the most searched colors on your website.

Trends & Planning

Vishion customers receive quarterly reports on the most popular color and keyword searches by industry.
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The Only App Tracking Color Analytics

Vishion is the only search, swatch & filter app to include color search. This allows us to track data in a way no other Shopify App can.

Color-Focused Insights

Vishion groups similar color searches together to show trending colors.

Know Exact Color Values

Web visitors can search by HEX or RGB and pull colors from images

Search Visualization

We visualize our analytics so shop owners can easily interpret the data.


See the most popular keywords associated with trending colors on your website.


Keyword Analytics

The keyword search analytics provides the information on what customers are looking for and how they react to the search results.

Customers' Top Search Queries

The search query report shows a list of the keywords most entered by your customers. Understand their demands so you can offer exactly what they need.

What Products are Missing?

See how many times shoppers searched your website and found no matching results. Monitor and configure search settings for better conversion rates.

See "Unsearched" Data

Unlike normal site search analytics tools, Vishion's Product Filter & Search app records all the search activities of customers - even before hitting the search button

Need more Analytics?

If your online store requires additional customization to make the app work as you require, know our exact pricing by clicking here.

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Have Questions?

5 Most Popular FAQs

What does Vishion Analytics show that Google Analytics does not?

Vishion measures:

  • Most Searched Colors
  • Most Searched Keywords
  • Number of Daily Searches
  • Number of Daily Clicks
  • Most Clicked Products

What can I learn from "common search terms" analytics?

Vishion measure the keywords searched on your website search bar to help you better understand what your customers want.

What color analytics does Vishion capture?

You can learn the most searched colors on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

Why does Vishion track the number of searches on my website?

Vishion tracks the number of searches conducted on your website in the past day, week or month.

There is an additional cost for customers that exceed their plan's total searches for the month, find more information on the pricing page

What is considered a "search"?

Anytime a website visitor searches by keyword or color on your website, it is considered a "search". 

Try Vishion for Free Today.

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