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Best Product & Color Filters For Shopify

Optimize Product & Color Filters To Drive More Sales

Create filter menus and options to match your brand with Vishion. Our Shopify App helps shoppers narrow their search with product and color filters to find the products in milliseconds.


Unlimited Filter Trees

Instead of default Shopify filters, create different product and color filter trees. This helps website visitors narrow search results and identify matching products more quickly.

Custom Product Filter

Create dynamic options like filter by size, brands, price, availability, and other metafields for customers.

Exact Color Filter

There is no other Shopify app, offering product filters to help web visitors find products by specific color.

Collection Filter

Vishion provides collection filters to help shoppers to the exact product they want in milliseconds.

Product Filter Enhancements

Website visitors can filter your search results on Shopify by product type, price, brand, color, and size. Here are a few other features to customize the filter experience:

Custom Filter Types

Select and customize the type of filters presented on search result pages.

Show & Hide Filters

Product filter options can be shown, collapsed, or hidden on the results page.

Advanced Color Filter

Shoppers can filter by exact color, using a color from an image or color value.

Match Theme Style

Vishion pulls from your Shopify Theme settings to automatically match your brand.

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What’s Unique about Our Product Filter

Easy Navigation

Our product filter app for Shopify works with your theme for a seamless user experience for shoppers. 

Handle Large Catalogs

Our smart filter has the ability to handle large catalogs for a variety of products. Vishion’s filters make it easier for customers to find and sort products.

Speedy Results

Whether it’s size, price or color, get a customized product filters based your preferences. Shoppers can expect speedy results by using the product filter.

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product filter shopify
Shopify App Features

Custom Color Filter

Vishion is the only app that provides color filter functionality for Shopify. With the Vishion app, your website can: 

Color Picker Tool

Website visitors can pull colors from an image to filter search results.

Suggest Relevant Colors

Filter by the exact colors presented in the search results. 

Filter by Color Value

Website visitors can use a HEX or RGB value, in addition to a color slider.

Fastest Way to Search

Website visitors can narrow search results & find products more quickly.

Have Questions?

5 Most Popular FAQs

What kind of filters can be created with Vishion?

Website visitors can filter your search results by product type, price, brand, color, date, and size.

How are Vishion's filters different than other providers?

Vishion is the only app that allows websites to filter products by exact color on Shopify stores.

Are filters customizable?

With Vishion, Shopify store owners can select the types of filters presented to website visitors. 

How can visitors on my website filter by color?

Vishion allows website visitors to filter search results by color. Customers will be able to filter by color by pulling a color from an image or using a HEX/RGB value.

Can Vishion's filters match my Shopify Theme settings?

Yes. Vishion automatically uses fonts and colors that match the store's Shopify theme, font and color selections. 

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Shopify Store owners can try a 14-day free trial of Vishion today, with an implementation team ready to help you make the transition to the perfect search experience. 

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