Best Paint Colors to Make Your Zoom Background Pop

It’s no secret: One of the cheapest and most effective ways to change up the look of your home is with a simple coat of paint. You can take that same lesson and apply it to Zoom meetings. You can change up the whole vibe of your home office — IRL and virtually — with a can of paint and a few roller brushes.

Best Paint Color for Zoom GraphicOffice Space Design for the Virtual Space

The coronavirus pandemic has forced countless workers to transform spare bedrooms and dining rooms into office spaces. Meetings are now conducted from kitchen tables (and even sometimes from bed), and once-estranged colleagues now have an intimate view of our most private spaces.

Don’t let your new office digs be a source of shame and embarrassment when you take virtual meetings. Take pride in your space every time you switch on your camera by sprucing up your home, one coat of paint at a time. Consider painting your workspace one of these five shades to bring your A-game to your next Zoom call.

Best Paint Colors for Zoom

Calming Sage Green

sage green pain for office design for zoom

Sage Green Office by Shelterness

I may be biased, in that sage green is my absolute favorite color. It’s reminiscent of fragrant dried sage leaves, dewy forest mornings, and trendy eucalyptus clippings. Sage is on the lighter end of the green color spectrum, giving it a light and airy quality that brings serenity into any room.

Plus, sage green has proven that it’s here to stay. While it started trending as early as 2018, it’s still a popular color, and for a good reason: Sage green has the benefit of playing nice with other, bolder colors while commanding more attention than other neutrals. If you’re also tired of greige, why not try sage?

Vishion’s Favorite Sage Green Paint Colors

Blush-Worthy Dusty Rose

home office idea wall paint dusty pink

Image and Design by PBTeen

It’s not pink, it’s dusty rose! OK, technically, it is pink, but let’s drop the stigma. Any shade of pink may be a bit on the bolder side, but this sepia-toned, muted shade is as neutral as you’ll get. Dusty rose evokes a vintage vibe, which makes it bold as well as classic. Plus, this funky shade pairs well with lovely sage green décor (I’m biased here).

Having pinky shades as your Zoom background will also pay off when it comes to your complexion. Dusty rose can bring out the warmth and color of your skin tone, complementing, and reflecting your natural beauty. Plus, it’s cheaper than getting a facial.

Vishion’s Favorite Dusty Rose Paint Colors

Bold (and bossy) Terracotta

home office paint ideas in terracotta

Image and Design by French by Design

Command the attention of everyone at your next Zoom meeting with confident yet trendy terracotta paint in your home office. This earthy red shade may seem like a bold move, but the terracotta color is reminiscent of the fire, which creates this ancient stone. Add terracotta to your home, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into the Old World as you take advantage of the modern technology that makes remote work possible.

No longer should terracotta be reserved for Spanish tile roofs and accent pillows; bring your sense of adventure to the forefront of every virtual meeting by painting an accent wall (or all four walls, for that matter) a brilliant shade of terracotta. 

Vishion’s Favorite Terracotta Paint Colors

Earthy Mushroom Gray

mushroom gray paint in moth wing by sherwin williams

Moth Wing SW 9174 by Sherwin-Williams

It’s browner than greige, yet not as yellow as beige: Mushroom gray is a true versatile neutral that lets your décor do the talking. This natural earth-tone is cozy for fall but also lively enough to look good during any season. Spice it up with warm-toned accents, or you can cool it down with, well, sage green! Mushroom gray pairs well with many colors, so you won’t have to go shopping for new furniture just because you painted your home office.

If you’re looking for a paint color that will perfectly complement your Zoom background without stealing the limelight, but that’s not as simple as your typical gray or white, then mushroom gray is your best bet.

Vishion’s Favorite Earthy Gray Paint Colors

Brilliant Marigold Yellow

home office paint idea in marigold yellow

Design and Photo by Anne Deppe

The idea of painting any room in my home yellow straight-up frightens me, but it’s all about the execution. Marigold yellow can be a simple way to bring energy to your next virtual meeting. When paired with the right accents, it can create a brilliant floral color palette that keeps you optimistic long after this pandemic ends and you return to your drab, gray office.

Pro tip: Bring some live houseplants into your new marigold office space. The greenery will complement the natural beauty of such a bold yellow color.

Vishion’s Favorite Marigold Yellow Paint Colors

3 ways to get the look of a new paint job with less effort

1. Save time and money with an accent wall:

The beauty of a Zoom meeting setup is that it’s static. That means you only have to worry about what’s going to be seen within the frame of your webcam. You’ll save money on paint (plus hours of your time) with a strategically placed accent wall.

2. Fake it with a virtual background:

Don’t want to commit to a color? Use a virtual Zoom background to trick all your colleagues into thinking you’ve redone your office design. Plus, you might even try out a few paint colors that you like enough to commit to a new paint project, IRL.

3. Switch up your lighting to transform your current paint color:

You might not even have to shell out the money for a few cans of paint to switch up the color palette of your Zoom background completely. Switching from neutral to warm lighting will completely change the look of your office setup — and better yet, your complexion will glow even with the most unflattering webcam.

TIP: Use this handy guide by Vishion for everything you need to know about Lighting

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