Auto-Assign Color Swatches for Products

With Vishion’s Color Analyzer Tool, our Shopify App auto-assigns exact color swatches to your products. The only swatch app connected to a color search bar for Shopify.


Exact Color Swatches

Vishion analyzes images and creates swatches for every product in your store. Our Shopify App automatically assigns colors to all products so website visitors can search using a color values and find products faster.

Search by Swatch

When website visitors search by color, the Vishion search engine uses the auto-assigned product swatches or the swatches you select.

Auto-Assign Swatches

Our Color Analyzer will pull the most prevalent colors in an image to assign swatches to each product.

Pull Swatches from Images

Create a swatch directly from a product image, pulling the color with a color picker.

Shopify Color Swatches App

Create swatches automatically for every product in your catalog with the Vishion Shopify Search and Filter app.

Exact Color Swatches

Ensure each product has colors that represent the exact shade in it's swatch 

Select 1-5 Swatches

Choose the number of swatches or colors you'd like to represent each product

Filter by Color Swatch

Filter search results by exact color options present in the products

Organize Collections by Color

Group products by color to create themed color collections


Only Shopify Color Filter and Search

Vishion is the only search, swatch & filter app to include color search. Here are features you could have on your Shopify store:

Color Picker

Pull a color from an image and match it to a product swatch 

Exact Color Values

Searches can use HEX or RGB value to find or filter products by swatch

Favorite Colors

Web visitors can find products matching their color palettes using your website

Color Insights

Find out the most popular colors searched on your website

Have Questions?

5 Most Popular FAQs

How does Vishion automatically swatches to products?

Vishion takes the hassle out of assigning swatches to products by automatically applying the most relevant colors in the product image to each product.

We automatically assign 5 swatches to each product. This allows website visitors, searching by color on your website with Vishion, to find products by exact color.

How do you add or edit a swatch?

Vishion allows Shopify store owners to add swatch colors by:

  • HEX or RGB Value
  • Pulling colors from the product image
  • Select color from a color map

Why are swatches important?

Vishion uses the swatch colors on each product to help with a more exact search. This is why store owners are encouraged to add, edit and delete swatches they feel do not represent the product.

How many swatches can each product have?

Store owners can decide to show 1-5 swatches per product.

How can I use swatches to help with merchandising?

Use the Vishion app to find products that match, creating collections based on color palettes to help inspire customers. 

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