St. Patrick’s Day Green That’s Lucky All Year Long

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Vishion team! Decorating for the holidays is always fun when you love interior design, but taking it down can be the worst. At Vishion, we want to know why holiday color palettes have to leave when the celebration is over. This week on the blog we explore how to make St. Patrick’s Day green look good all year long! 

Bold Staple Pieces

Lexington Velvet Sofa by Edloe Finch

Bringing bold colors into your home can be nerve-wracking but it’s a great way to bring a pop of excitement and creativity into your space. This green suede couch by Edloe Finch can be paired with a coordinating color palette to compliment the emerald accent. This couch adds bold color to your home while not overwhelming the space. Vishion suggests alternative bold furniture staples like hutches, backsplashes, nightstands, or chairs – the possibilities are endless!

Green Paint You’re Bound to Love

If bold furniture isn’t your style, that’s okay. There are other ways to bring a pop of color into your home. Adding a green accent wall can bring your bedroom from bland to bold in one simple step. My childhood home had the same colored paint on every single wall, making the rooms feel small and bland. When my family renovated, accent walls were added to the living room, den, and bedrooms, opening up the look and feel of our home. Adding an accent wall will give your room a big dose of color and design with minimal effort.

Accent Wall Benefits:

  1. Bring variety and texture to a room
  2. Create an opportunity to add a bold color without overwhelming a space
  3. Create a focal point in a room
  4. Depending on where it’s positioned, it can make a room feel larger or cozy
  5. It gives you a chance to play around with color a new way

Accent walls aren’t just found in living rooms and bedrooms, you can use pops of color in the kitchen too. Paint on cabinets and built-ins can create the accent wall you’re looking for. Check out this post we did about Designer Trends: Green Kitchens.


Crane Fonda “Emerald” Wallpaper by Divine Savages

Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper has never gone out of style! While it has had a hard time getting rid of its “old fashioned” and permanent reputation – many high-end designs feature colorful and bold wallpaper. The design industry is embracing nostalgia and we are here for it. Wallpaper can add a pop of creativity into any room you choose. Wallpaper is a perfect way to personalize your room with not just color, but design too! If you’re hesitant to bring wallpaper back, don’t be! Create a bold and modern room you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking to get started on your own new home design but don’t know where to begin, here are some awesome brands to help your “vishion” come to light:

  1. Mitchell Black Wallpaper
  2. Divine Savages
  3. Kravet

How You Can Use Vishion to Inspire Your Design

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