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Color & Keyword Search


The only Shopify app for enhanced color and keyword search.

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Custom Filters


Create filters by product attributes, prices, and tags.

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Product Swatches


Easily auto-assign colors to all products or pull colors from the product image.




Gain data-driven insights about customers through search and filter data.

what is Vishion?

Make your search bar the best sales associate ever

Vishion’s Color, Keyword Search & Filter App allows shoppers to find the exact product they want quickly and in a fun, unique way.

The Shopify App provides a wide range of customizable features for search bar optimization, product and collection filtering, and color recognition for swatches and search.

Search by Color

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Shopify App for Any Color-Loving Store

Furniture, Fashion & Beauty Stores

If shoppers are searching for a specific product by color, make it easier on your website. Whether shoppers are matching:

  • a rug to wall paint
  • bras to skin tone
  • lipstick to a dress
  • shoes to a shirt

Let shoppers find your products easily with Vishion.

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Color Picker

Shoppers can pull colors from images as they conduct a product search.

Color Value

Shoppers can use a HEX or RGB value to search, matching brand guidelines or specific palettes.

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Color Analyzer

Auto-assign the most prevalent product colors to all products for accurate swatches. 


Learn what colors your customers love to help with forecasting and marketing.


Million Searchable Colors


thousand searches so far


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Color Search Engine

Getting Started

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