Horoscope Color Series | Earthy, Natural Tones to Satisfy Your Inner Virgo

If you’re close with a Virgo, consider yourself lucky: Friends of this astrological sign are loyal, hardworking, and kind. And if you’re a Virgo yourself, you’ll know that we Virgos universally have one thing in common: good taste, especially when it comes to home décor.

Whether you’re a Virgo or not, you’ll appreciate these natural hues that are a signature look of this tree-hugger Earth sign.

Home with Color Palette

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by fiery Mercury. Children of this astrological sign are born between August 23 to September 22 and blessed with many desirable traits: Virgos are practical, down-to-earth, hardworking, loyal, and kind.

Members of the Virgo Zodiac sign possess an exhaustive attention to detail, and they love spending time at home. You’ll always know when you step into a Virgo’s cozy abode.

Like the other Earth signs — Taurus and Capricorn — Virgos are deeply rooted in the natural flow of life. The grounded temperament of Earth signs begs for a natural color palette with rich complementary hues, from inky green to flaming orange-red.

Keep reading to see how you can incorporate the Virgo palette into your home.

The Virgo Color Palette: Jewel-Toned, Earthy Hues

Calming forest green

emerald green living room featuring painted walls and gold mirror

Image and Design by Dulux

Dark, stormy green is reminiscent of nature. Surround yourself with the hue of the wild from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll feel like you’re getting fresh air without stepping foot outside.

Virgos are partial to all shades of green, from trendy sage green to dazzling emerald.

How to incorporate green into your home: This hue makes an excellent accent color in any room.

A deep green area rug can bring depth to your living room, and jewel-toned velvet curtains will add timeless elegance to the bedroom. Add lush green houseplants to your study or even your kitchen to bring your décor to life.

Soft golden wheat

golden yellow kitchen with gray cabinets and open shelving

Photo and Design by deVOL

You heard it here first: light golden wheat is the new understated, muted color that will adorn entryway walls and bedspreads alike.

Unlike pale yellow, which has been overdone in many kitchens since the dawn of Behr, soft wheat has a tinge of beige to it that brings with it feelings of warmth.

One look at this color and you can practically feel yourself prancing around wheat fields in the summer sun (which is a very Virgo thing to do).

How to incorporate gold tones into your home: Gentle wheat tones work well as base colors to your home’s color palette. A slightly golden fabric couch will be as chic as it will be inviting.

Understated, muted wheat will also work well as a paint shade, particularly in a gender-neutral nursery or bright, open office space.

Deep mahogany brown

Mahogany Brown walls and ceiling in dining room featuring elegant green chandelier

Image by Founterior

Dark brown is a powerful color in many ways, and it makes sense for the perfectionist Virgo: it is the backbone of any color palette. Brown is a complementary shade that brings out the best in other colors, just like Virgos like to bring out the best in everyone around them.

Add an unexpected reddish twist to traditional brown by adding hints of mahogany throughout your home. Deep mahogany brown is another hue that grounds us in nature.

By bringing shades of brown into your home, you’re solidifying your connection with the living world all around you. Just as a Virgo fosters a deep connection with the earth, so will you when you add this hue to your home’s color scheme.

How to incorporate mahogany brown it into your home: Mahogany furniture is a classic place to start. This timeless natural wood hue is making a comeback with furniture that’s more bohemian-chic than the passé mahogany dresser in your grandma’s spare bedroom.

Rich reddish tangerine

green accent wall with tangerine colored rug and blanket

Image and Design by Camille Lai

A natural palette isn’t complete without a vibrant floral hue that brings everything together. For Virgos, that color is an intense marigold-tangerine.

Somehow yellow, red, and orange at the same time, this color never fails to excite. Tangerine brings the energy to the party; you can almost feel the vitamin C working its wonders on your immune system just by looking at this hue.

Reddish-orange isn’t some unnatural, daring color either; it’s the vibrant accent of a blooming bouquet. It’s such a brilliant color that you’ll quickly forget that it’s entirely earthly.

How to incorporate tangerine into your home: Energetic artwork would be a practical and safe place to incorporate a reddish-orange color, but why stop there?

Deep tangerine would make for attention-grabbing decor no matter where you placed it. Look for this jewel tone in lamps, serving dishes, and even fabrics. When complemented by the earthy shades of the Virgo palette, no fiery tangerine is too excessive.

Brilliant white

white bathroom vanity featuring geometric backsplash

Image and Design by Evelyn Eshun Design Inc

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve had enough of this light-gray trend that seems to be a compromise for true white.

While white may come off as expected and boring, it can bring a vibrant energy to the home. You’ll look at white in a whole new light when you consider its bright, illuminating qualities.

Brilliant white is the perfect backdrop for any other color under the sun. It can make your space look larger and add depth — a practical, versatile quality that the analytical Virgo will love.

How to incorporate brilliant white into your home: Let bright white be the clean, organized backdrop for deep natural hues.

Brilliant white walls will accentuate the depth of the other earthy colors of the Virgo color palette. A stark-white vintage vanity can act as an eye-catching conversation piece as well as a pragmatic solution when it comes to organization.

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