8 Designs Curated for Pantone’s Earthy Palette

Pantone’s palette, which steals tones found in nature, is popular in interior design

Many of the interior designers I’ve spoken with mention nature influencing their design.  The earthy vibe in the Pantone palette of the week is not only present in each shade, but also in the colors’ names. Whether it’s mahogany, plum, copper or slate, pulling inspiration from nature is easier to understand when you see it applied in existing design. See eight designs we love in Pantone’s palette of the week.

Nature forward designs

Summer Thornton designed a dramatic foyer with Gracie wallpaper adorning the walls; wild geometric patterned marble floor inspired by a palace.


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Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club



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Photo of the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden



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Design by William T. Baker



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Products in the palette

Every color in this palette can stand alone and really pack a punch, but nature has prepared us for how well these colors pair together. Even if you randomly select three colors to fill your room you’ll be delighted. Here are a few products that match this earthy Pantone palette to show you how you can add soothing colors to your space.

AbcDNA Sent Sofia Chair Burgundy


The Big Man by Amy Bernays; from Zatista


Nasser Luxury Rugs from Sotheby’s Home


Hand-Embossed Bed from Anthropologie


Flowervine Blue/Green Wallpaper from Mitchell Black


Save the colors you see


When you see something beautiful and you feel compelled to save the image, see how you might be able to incorporate the colors you see into your day-to-day. Many designers say color can help foster the energy in a space. With Vishion, you can find products or paints to replicate the feelings and vibes colors give you.

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