Sherwin-Williams’ Mantra palette takes its cues from the chic simplicity of Nordic design and the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics to bring serenity into your home. Keep reading to find out how professional designers are incorporating this sophisticated blend of muted hues into their designs.


Our favorite paint provider’s predictions for 2020 are out and one of their palettes focuses on bringing serenity into your home. Sherwin-Williams’ Mantra palette is inspired by themes such as minimalism, sanctuary, and ‘Scandi-nese’ design. As such, Mantra is a true marriage of styles from the East and West. If soothing hues such as Grayish SW 6001, Breathless SW 6022, and Misty SW 6232 speak to you, check out our inspirational guide featuring designs and products inspired by the Mantra palette.Ā 




Designs in Mantra

When working with a predominately neutral color palette like Mantra, pay special attention to visual dimension. The key to pulling off a neutral palette is to employ a range of textures and tones to break up any monotony and lend some complexity to your space.



Design in Mantra via Sherwin Williams



Soothing Elegance by Mabley Handler via Curated Kravet



Brentwood Collection via Eastern Accents


Illustration by Kimmy Hogan; design by Greenhouse Interiors



Products in Mantra

Furniture and accents are the perfect way to add the aforementioned texture to your space. Below, you’ll find some statement-making products that embody the Mantra palette.Ā 
Waffle blanket via Boll & Branch


Chambray tablecloth via Parachute Home


Print by Amber George via Zatista

Getting Inspired by Mantra

Inspiration for your design can be found on a white sand beach at dawn or at a relaxing day at the spa. Next, find products, paints, or fabrics by a specific color. Wherever you go, your palette will be there with you using the Vishion app.
Photo by Jared Rice

Using Vishion to Explore this Color Palette

Are you curious about how Vishion can help you explore your favorite Sherwin-Williams paint colors? Download the Vishion app and take any of the colors from this palette to find fabric, wallpaper, furniture, or art.