Let Me See Your Kitchen POP

Classic, colorful Kitchen Aids and vibrant ovens that stand out to create an elevated living and dining experience 

Stainless Steel is great but this is a new decade and home interior designers are feeling a little funky. Kitchen design in the past ten years was all about clean, crisp and sleek spaces brought to life by silver and gold accents. As we dawn on a new era, designers are looking for kitchen staples that POP. These products will help designers and design lovers create an elevated, dining experience inspired by the colors that you eat.

First Course: Appliances

I remember the first time I got a stainless steel appliance. Growing up in middle-class Pennsylvania, my home kitchen had Longaberger baskets, 80s pyrex, and a black and taupe oven. When I bought my first home, I was delighted to find a modern, brand-new oven just waiting for me to ruin recipes in. It wasn’t just stainless steel, it was black stainless steel. Better yet, when I opened the door, I found a bright purple interior. An unexpected yet, delightful surprise. As more clients request these unique accents, companies are catching on and creating statement pieces for items traditionally designed to blend in.

Dacor Color Match Range

Browsing through an interior design magazine, I found a beautiful ad for Dacor. Headquartered out of California, the high-end kitchen brand produces appliances in standard colors or personalized custom colors. Yes, you heard that right! You can purchase a range of products in your favorite color to add a POP of color to your kitchen or to coordinate seamlessly with your cabinets and design.

Big Chill Refrigerator

Big Chill also creates appliances often more beautiful than the food it holds and bakes. Appliances from its 3 collections: Retro, PRO and Classic. These brands are offered in a variety of standard, premium, and more than 200 custom colors. Born out of Boulder, Colorado, the American-based company was established by award winning designer, Orion Creamer. According to the company website, Creamer’s goal was to bring cheer to the heart of the home. He wanted to make sure the appliances lived in memorable kitchens that made guests feel welcome. While these appliances may look retro, they come equipped with energy-star ratings and modern amenities such as temperature and moisture control systems, crisper drawers, and much more.

Second Course: Funky Fixtures

Dornbach META Kitchen Faucet Line

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While we love our stainless steel, the design community is seeing a trend towards colorful fixtures that stand-out. The Dornbracht Group is leading this design trend with their Meta collection. Described as universal, functional, and aesthetically durable, the line comes in 12 finishes, including light rose, yellow, pastel green, light grey, and matte black.

“Meta is the safe choice that combines the clarity of the essential with the power of personal expression,” says Dornbracht.

BOLD Lighting Fixtures

If you aren’t into colorful appliances or faucets, another way to add a POP of color to your kitchen is with a bold lighting fixture. This design by D2 Interieurs features classic Carrara Marble surfaces with a colorful kelly green lighting surprise. It’s a great way to spice up a traditionally designed kitchen at a relatively low cost. Skip a complete color renovation and look for custom brands that offer a variety of finishes or take an old item and add a little flare with a DIY project.

Third Course: The Necessities

Honestly, what is a kitchen without a bright KitchenAid or a classic dutch oven from Le Creuset? For our third course, we’re talking kitchen necessities. We could cook without them but we definitely don’t want to. These kitchen staples have been around for years and are known as the pioneers of colorful kitchens.

Mix It Up – The KitchenAid Mixer

Available in more than 40 unique colors, the KitchenAid mixer has been a staple in kitchens across the world since 1919. The brand offers a custom option, giving buyers the ability to choose a color, engrave a mixer, select a unique bowl, and add additional attachments. Featured prominently on the countertop of my kitchen, this mixer is not only colorful but durable. From cookies and cakes to homemade pasta and meats, the KitchenAid mixer brings a POP of color and creativity to your kitchen.

Classic, Yet Modern Cookware – Le Creuset

Introduced by Le Creuset in 1925, these vibrant, enameled cast iron cocottes are so beautiful, they often live on full-display.

“This ground-breaking cocotte took a kitchen staple—cast iron cookware—and refined it, making it more functional, more beautiful and deeply joyful.” – Le Creuset

Offered in every shape, size, and color you can dream of, the brand includes the traditional iron cookware along with stoneware, stainless, silicone, and more. All of Le Creuset’s cast iron is still made in its birthplace of France, ensuring that even the most basic recipes turn into French culinary masterpieces.

Fourth Course: The Accessories

If you are going to cook in color, you might as well cook with it too. These products and accessories will help you bake with sugar, spice, and everything colorfully nice.

If you don’t have any Microplane products, you need them. These multi-use tools are a necessity when zesting, grating and straight-up cheesing. Offered in 8 colors, the soft-handle helps with the fatigue often found when hard-core cooking. Just don’t forget to hand-wash it, you don’t want those stainless steel blades to wear down. You can buy this guy from Sur La Table.




You might not think of Anthropologie as a place to find colorful kitchen products, but let me tell you, they have some of the coolest gadgets and accessories around. Take a look at this amazing cheese board. The colorful board is made from composite agate. Use it to display a variety of cheeses, hors d’oeuvres, or fine meats. It makes an excellent gift for a host or newlywed.  You can also find the style in coasters to perfectly match.

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