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Sitting at home, craving adventure? Yeah, me too. The 61 iconic U.S. National Parks are fantastic places to explore, some without even stepping foot on a plane. However, as much as I encourage taking advantage of working from home and embarking on a road trip, Vishion can bring the parks to you. I want to show you color palettes inspired by parks in the Western U.S. Using Vishion, you can incorporate paint colors, furniture, and decor that will transport these parks inside your home.

Bryce Canyon National Park

A small gem tucked in Southwestern Utah offers breathtaking hikes through and above their famous, colorful hoodoos. Hoodoos are formed by a combination of weathering and erosion, rocks deposited from surrounding lakes, and plate tectonics that uplift the land. Under a blue sky and speckled with evergreen foliage, these rock formations make for a stunning color palette!

Bring Bryce Canyon to your Living Room with Vishion

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Organic Textures

According to Architectural Digest and Nancy Fire, creative director of Design Works International, this year’s home decor will begin to reflect our desire to get back to nature by incorporating organic textures. Natural wood is just the right shade of orange to mimic the desert sand. Add some desert furnishings to your living area with pieces such as this pine coffee table from Lowes. To incorporate these pastel blues and greens to your desert escape, try adding house plants and succulents. Don’t worry. We won’t judge you for adding fake ones. Add in a tribal printed rug, like this one from Ralph Lauren, to complete the desert look. Lastly, don’t forget the paint! Western-inspired rooms are incomplete without a subtle sandy backdrop. Impressive Ivory from Sherwin Williams will do the trick.

Yellowstone National Park

Crossing over Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, Yellowstone stands as the oldest National Park in the U.S. It overflows with thermal springs, rivers, canyons, and lakes. The thermal springs mimic an artist’s paint palette. One of the most vibrant and famous springs in the park is the Grand Prismatic Spring, making it perfect for a bedroom color palette.

Yellowstone National Park Spring with Color Palette

Grand Prismatic Spring Yellowstone National Park

Rustic Modern Yellowstone Bedroom from Vishion

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Textures Galore

This palette screams rustic modern. That means it’s time for textures. Experiment with combining different leathers, furs, and woods. For example, nothing feels better than stepping out of bed onto a sheepskin rug. Using the yellow from this palette on Vishion’s color search, I discovered this luxurious sheepskin from Rug Studio. Another easy way to add texture to a room is with pillows like this one from Apartment 2B. This year, bold colors are making a comeback! The vibrant oranges in the springs make for a great wall color like Invigorate from Sherwin-Williams.

Grand Teton National Park

Just south of Yellowstone lies 310,000 acres of crystal clear lakes, exotic wildlife, winding trails, and mountain peaks reaching up to 13,000 feet in elevation. Even in the summer months, snowcaps still top the Grand Teton mountain range. This park is an adventure seeker’s dream!

Artful Teton Mountain Living Room with Vishion

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A POP of Color

Blues and deep greys of the mountains and rich greens make for a cozy cabin color palette. Color pops, like this mid-century modern sofa from Target, are in season. Search for other mountain blue couches from this palette with Vishion’s color search. Accent the space with green throw blankets and pillows, wooden decor, like this teak bowl from Lowes, and even a pine-scented candle adding to the mountain ambiance. Nothing says woodsy escape like this crisp Forestwood green paint from Sherwin-Williams.

Use Vishion To Get Your National Park-Inspired Room

Simply choose a color from these palettes or your own in our color search engine and let Vishion put your favorite colors to work. It’s as easy as that!

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