Green has been on-trend for the last few years and is predicted to be popular in the years to come. Today on the blog, we explore how professional designers are using shades of green in their kitchen designs and how readers can follow suit.


According to Abbey Stark, Senior Interior Design Leader for IKEA US, green paint is one of the biggest trends of 2019. This news is not entirely surprising. Green is nature’s neutral and many of us look to this versatile hue to bring freshness, liveliness, and positive energy into our homes. If shades such as forest, mint, sage, emerald, and olive appeal to you, keep reading for tips on decorating your kitchen with green and some professional inspo.

Pulling off Green in Your Kitchen

Also according to Stark, shades of forest, mint, and sage are all trending colors for kitchen cabinetry. She suggests pairing green cabinets with gold, brass, or black matte handles for an effect that is timeless and chic. If you’re thinking about using green paint in your kitchen, don’t be afraid of a bolder look, which incorporates more than one shade of green. 

Green Kitchen Inspiration

Design by Style by Emily Henderson
Design by Lisa Furey Interiors
Design by Studio Details
Design by Niche Interiors
Design by Elms Interior Design

Drawing Inspiration From Nature

Photo by Geran de Klerk
Photo by Annie Spratt
Photo by Nazar Hrabovyi
Photo by Ludovic Charlet
With the Vishion app, users can upload images that inspire them to create an inspiration board. Then, users can pull colors from these images and search for specific furniture, home decor, and complementary color palettes. Green inspo from nature.


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