Top 13 Table & Chair Combinations

When I moved into my house I bought cheap, placeholder chairs that look pretty good in a picture with my dining room table. My table, built from a 100-year-old Charlotte house, was a gift from my husband. The table will be with me forever, but the chairs are still a mystery.

That’s why I am constantly looking for inspiration as I plan my luxurious future. Here are some of the Instagram posts that gave me table & chair inspiration this week.

1. Multi-color chairs & Hairpin Table

The different colors around the hairpin table make this large room homey. You can find similar wire chairs at West Elm.

2. Table for a Queen

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End chairs have never looked so prominent. This mixture of Horchow Ballon end chairs and linen chairs steal the room. This picture doesn’t do the table justice.


3. Ghost Chairs Stand Out

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A modern homeowner could take these clear chairs and make a real statement, but all I can think about is the amount of dusting you would need to do to keep them clean. This Horchow chair takes it to the next level.


4. Brass Chairs with Cloudy Wallpaper

This Gracie wallpaper elevates the dining experience to dreamland. I couldn’t locate these exact chairs (which are to die for) but found a similar fabric and unique shape options.


5. The Chair You’ve Been Looking For

This chair is one-in-a-million. Of course, we found it for you. This is the Tosca armchair from Tribu.


6. Wire chairs are becoming casual

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I have a hard time imagining sitting in these wire chairs for a long period of time (especially in shorts). Pottery Barn has a similar wooden, reclaimed table.


7. Trendy Chairs with Marble Table

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These velvet chairs are definitely trending, but I especially love the pastel colors they placed together with the marble dining room table.


8. Wool & Plastic Chairs

I don’t think I could ever come up with a combination of two different textures like this dining room. These wool chairs mixed with plastic go together seamlessly.


9. An informal dining room

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This Anthropologie dining room is just my style. The color of these armchairs make me swoon, but the tuft rug is what makes the look.


10. The Beetle Chair

There are multiple variations of the Beetle chair from Gubi that allows for flexible design. This mixture of modern and art deco just barely works for my taste.


11. Emerald Green Dream

I love these chairs but have struggled to find them online. I have found one or two similar color replacements.


12. Woven Chairs with Marble

The woven chairs are stunning but rare. I’ve found one or two similar options that might itch your scratch if this is your preferred style.


13. Wooden Chairs

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These wooden chairs  are very similar, but I am in love with these Urban Outfitter rattan chairs.

Here are some other chairs I love right now!

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