Color Filter for your Shopify Online Store

Enhanced Keyword & Color Search Bar

With the Vishion app color filter and keyword search, let your Shopify website visitors find products more quickly.

  • 10 Million Searchable Color
  • 46 Thousand Searches So Far
  • 14-Day Free Trial

White Glove Website Search

Offer a one-of-a-kind search experience on your Shopify store, converting inquisitive website visitors into customers with an experience that helps guide their search.

Keyword Search

Search by title, SKU, vendor, product type, tags, and description with spellcheck & autocomplete.

Color Search

Auto-assign colors to all products so website visitors can search using color filters and find products faster on your Shopify store.


Coming Soon: Suggest items with a predictive search; live product or collection preview of thumbnail and price.
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The Only Color Filter & Search App on Shopify

Vishion is the only search, swatch & filter app to include color search. Here are features you could have on your Shopify store:

Color Picker

Pull a color from an image and enter a keyword into the search bar

Exact Color Values

Select if web visitors can search by color values: HEX or RGB

Favorite Colors

Show "recently searched" colors in the search bar

Color Insights

Find out the most popular colors searched on your website


Keyword Search Bar Enhancements

Website visitors can search your product catalog on Shopify by color, title, SKU, vendor, product type, tags, and product description. Here is more about our color search engine and a few other features to help: 

Auto-Suggest Products

Autocomplete website visitors sentences with predictive search.

Search Bar Preview

Make suggestions with product thumbnail or collection preview.

Suggestion Dictionary

Suggest commonly used terms to guide customers search and for higher conversion.

Stop Word Filter

Words added to the ‘stop words’ list will be filtered out to provide a faster search.

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What Makes Us Different

Why You Should Install Vishion


Be it an fashion website, cosmetics brand, or furniture store on Shopify, you can install our app for color and keyword search and filters. Create an engaging user experience for your customers.


Our pricing is based on the number of products in your product catalog. Be it hundreds or thousands of products, we are competitive with reputable Shopify apps offering keyword search and analytics.

Hassle-Free Shopping

Allow shoppers to easily find their favorite product by setting up a color filter. Help customer find matching products on your website with Vishion.

Have Questions?

5 Most Popular FAQs

How can people on my website search by color?

Help future customers find products more quickly with Vishion's color search tool. 

Website visitors can search by:

  • Pulling a color from an image
  • HEX or RGB color
  • Selecting a color on a color map

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How does Vishion automatically swatches to products?

Vishion takes the hassle out of assigning swatches to products by automatically applying the most relevant colors in the product image to each product. We automatically assign 5 swatches to each product.

This allows website visitors, filtering products by color on your Shopify website with Vishion, to find products by exact color.

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What color trends will Vishion capture?

Vishion tracks the exact color shades and products being searched on your website. Get ahead of the competition by discovering the products your customers are searching for to help with product planning and marketing.

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How can I edit search fields with Vishion?

By default, all the criteria of product attributes including Product Title, Product Type, Vendor, Tag, SKU, Collection Name and Product Description are searchable.

It is possible to turn off this default setting so the customers are unable to search by some specific attributes.

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What are stop words?

When searching for products, website visitors might type in a word that is too broad. This leads to irrelevant search results show up.

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Try Vishion for Free Today.

Shopify Store owners can try a 14-day free trial of Vishion today, with an implementation team ready to help you make the transition to the perfect search experience. 

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