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Dying for a dose of cooler weather? Looking out of your window at the changing leaves? Smelling pumpkin spice and cinnamon in the air? Dreaming of cozy blankets and crackling fireplaces? After a long summer, we are all ready for a crisp, new fall. Mantels are an easy place to start styling your home for this beloved season. Here are a few interior-design-approved ways to turn your mantel into a decorative fall focal point today.

Styling Your Fall Fireplace

Neutral Stems & Dried Bouquets

Mantel from hipandhumblestyle

Design by Deborah Bitton (Source: Instagram)

If you are anything like me, from September 1st on, you consider it fall. Mantels are great places to begin transitioning seasons without a dramatic redecorating. Until fall is in full force with bright orange pumpkins and ghouls in late October, embrace this time before the leaves change by opting for neutral stems. Put away your greenery and florals from the summer and bring in some wheat stalks and pampas grass or repurpose those florals through dried bouquets. Save a few of your favorite flowers and leaves from past bouquets and turn them into fall foliage.

“They are great for long lasting arrangements that can be rearranged and combined in a fresh way. I personally love the muted colors that dry flowers offer—you can’t necessarily get that with a fresh arrangement.” -Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel

DIY Fall Mantel TIP:

For all my DIY friends out there, here is a new project for you! Did you know you can dry and dye your pampas grass? Check out @allisonsextoninteriors on Instagram for instructions and inspiration if this sounds like you.

Wooden Accents

Modern Farmhouse Manel

Design by Meliha Omic (Source: Instagram)

Wooden accents give your home the fall mountain feel. When stocking up on firewood for your indoor fireplace, look for white birch logs. They are functional and trendy. There is no need to hide these logs. Try wooden candlesticks to display your favorite fall-scented candle, wooden dough bowls to hold gourds and pumpkins, and even a natural wood cutting board or pizza paddle to decorate your mantel.

Go for Gourds

Want to add a bit more color to your mantel? Pumpkins don’t always have to be tacky jack-o-lanterns. There is a variety of squash called Heirloom pumpkins. They are larger than winter squash, but their unique shape and elegant color make them perfect for your home decor.

DIY Fall Decorating Tip with Pumpkins

Here is another great opportunity for DIY design. If real pumpkins aren’t your cup of tea, try painting plastic gourds and pumpkins in your home’s color scheme.

PRO Decorating tip:

These pumpkin beauties stand out best on white mantels.

Style your Mantel with Vishion

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