Feng Shui 101 | Bringing Balance To Your Home

Feng Shui is all about finding balance and chi in different spaces throughout your home. This ancient art with scientific roots was created more than 3,000 years ago in China. Today, Vishion brings you the basics of Feng Shui and how you can implement this culture into your home with items you already have.

When you translate ‘Feng’ and ‘Shui’ to English, it means wind and water. In Chinese culture, these elements represent good health. Feng shui is important in making sure people live in harmony with their environment. Due to COVID-19, it may seem difficult to implement this practice into your home without buying anything new. That’s why Vishion is here to help. FInding good Feng Shui can be just as easy as rearranging the items you already have in your home.

Feng Shui in Your Living Room

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Your living room is your focal point in your house, making it the most important for positive energy. When thinking about furniture placement, there is a lot to keep in mind:


  • Make sure the entryway of the living room is visible from all seating areas. Not being able to see the living room exit causes anxiety which takes away from the harmony and relaxation of your space.

Sofa Placement

  • When it comes to sofa placement, making sure the sofa does not have its back against the entryway is crucial in keeping positive energy flowing throughout the room. The sofa should also be placed against a wall to evoke the feeling of safety, but make sure it does not get placed in front of a window. This interferes with the flow of energy going in and out of your home

Coffee Table

  • Make your coffee table the center of your living room. In the same way that your living room is the heart of your home, your coffee table is the heart of your living room. It is where you gather with friends and family, play games, eat, and drink. Make sure you keep this surface as uncluttered as possible.

Feng Shui in Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is the most important room in the Feng Shui philosophy. It is the room you spend the most time in, and the most personal to you. When you are sleeping in your bedroom, you are in a passive state making it easier to be affected by the energies in your room. Here are a few tips:

Bed Placement

  • Make sure your bed is in the center of your bedroom; this is called a commanding position. Your bed should be facing the door with your headboard on a solid wall, making sure there is space on the right, left and foot of your bed. If possible, do not place your bed under any sloping ceilings or low beams


  • It is recommended you keep under your bed decluttered to ensure that the life force energy can flow freely all around you while you are in your passive state (sleeping). If you must use under your bed as storage, stick to soft items such as linens, pillows, or blankets.

Color in Your Bedroom

  • The color of your bedroom depends on the type of mood and energy you would like to bring into your space. For more relaxation and support, you should use natural or earthy tones. For healing and vitality you should use blues and greens. For more information on colors for good feng shui check out our blog.

Feng Shui in Your Home Office

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With all of the difficulty of working from home due to the coronavirus, the importance of making sure your home office has a good energy flow is at an all-time high. Because of this trying time, most of us are spending the majority of our day in our home offices. Here are a few tips to ensure good feng shui in your office:

Separate Your Home Office From Your Personal Life

  • Due to stress from work, your office can emit some negative energies that you want to keep blocked off from the rest of your home. Keeping your office separated from the rest of your home is a great way to keep you concentrated as well

Desk Placement

  • Your desk should be facing the door but also diagonally across from it so that you are open to people and energies coming in and out. This placement is also known as a power position and it signifies that you are asserting yourself as the powerful creator of your own life.

Have Something Solid Behind You

  • If there are windows behind your desk, it is recommended you cover them with sheer curtains so you are still letting in natural light while also adding stability and keeping energy from flowing out the window.

Common Feng Shui Mistakes

Mirrors in the Bedroom

  • Not sleeping well? A mirror in your bedroom may be the culprit. Mirrors are said to bounce energies around the room which can be a good thing, just not in your bedroom. When energies are being bounced off your mirror this can cause restlessness and amplified worries. It is especially important not to hang your mirror on the wall opposite your bed, as this can cause disturbed sleep and negative energies.

Greenery In the Bedroom

  • Keeping plants in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep as well. The energies that are released by greeneries can contradict your sleep patterns resulting in a poor nights sleep. According to this Chinese culture, plants release an “upward energy movement”, where your sleep energy releases a “downward energy movement” which is the exact opposite of the plant energy. It is also said that having things grow in your room while you are sleeping can disrupt your calm.

Blocked Doorways

  • Doorways in your home should always be able to open freely and completely, not just in your bedroom but throughout your whole home as well. In feng shui, it is believed that blocked doors will block opportunities from entering your life. All energies should be able to move smoothly throughout your home to promote positive energies from entering.

Leaving Walls Empty

  • Feng shui is all about minimalism, however, it is not recommended to leave walls empty of art work or wallpaper. According to the feng shui culture, leaving walls bare make it difficult to abandon yourself to pleasure. Art work can be a great asset when introducing feng shui into your home, you just have to make sure the art you are choosing uplifts, inspires or warms your soul. This culture is all about happiness and positive energies, everything in your home serves a purpose whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually.

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