6 Laid-Back Living Room Designs in Muted Blue 

Shades of blue are forecasted to be popular in the year to come. Today on the blog, we explore the color psychology behind the color blue and professional living room designs in same.


When we think about where the color blue appears in nature, it’s usually in the form of a cloudless sky or a body of water. Because of this, it’s not entirely surprising that the color blue is associated with feelings of tranquility and serenity. Blue is a great color to paint a child’s bedroom, a home office, or a living room, because it signifies stability, creativity, and productivity. This year, we will be seeing a lot more shades of bluesuch as Sherwin-Williams Naval, Galaxy Blue, and Evening Blue—in interiors.

Living Room Designs in Muted Blue

Designer Profile: Sotheby’s Home

Launched in 2013, Sotheby’s Home is the preferred platform for design aficionados to buy and sell pre-owned designer furniture, accessories, and artwork. Earlier this year, Sotheby’s Home named sky blue as their color of the month. Keep reading for some of the products they recommended in February, as well as some new arrivals that we love.

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