Sherwin-Williams Naturalist palette pulls together the colors of mushroom, luscious greens, and floral pinks. See how Vishion can help you showcase these colors of nature in your design.

The Naturalist palette from Sherwin-Williams embodies the tranquility of nature with its lush and sophisticated tones. We pulled together room designs from interior designers to show how you can bring these colors into your home. In addition, we used the Vishion app to find products in these nature-inspired colors. 

Naturalist Palette

Designs in Naturalist

This palette features both the subdued and eccentric colors of nature, showcasing the balanced harmony of the outdoors. Below are examples from interior designers that exemplify how these natural colors can be used together effortlessly. 

Design by Summer Thorton, Lincoln Park Modern; Photo Credit: Josh Thornton


Photo from Sherwin Williams



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Photo from Sherwin Williams


Living Room design by Summer Thornton



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Finding the perfect products

Users can search for products across brands with the Vishion app.  I searched with the Sherwin Williams colors of the naturalist palette and compiled a list of my favorite finds.

Broyles armchair from Apt2B
Adelle Ombre Pillow from Eastern Accents
Botanical Wall Clock by Cloudnola from Apt2B
Roxy Ottoman from Arhaus


Bedding from Eastern Accents


Kravet Fabrics

Marceline Rug from Lulu and Georgia
Jackson Sofa from Apt2B

Taking inspiration from art

The Picnic by Lynne Atwood, from Zatista

Found the perfect painting for your living space and want to find furniture to tie it all together? Use Vishion to upload an image of the painting and pull the colors to save to your board. From there, find furniture pieces, decor and more in the specific colors.

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13 Standout Wallpapers with Matching Sherwin-Williams paint


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