Pretty in Purple: How to pull off Pantone’s Purple Haze

Pantone’s palette of the week features an ethereal blend of soft greens, pinks, and purplesincluding Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet. Keep reading for ideas on incorporating Purple Haze into your work. 


Pantone’s Purple Haze is understated and tranquilwith just a hint of edge. We love the way that demure colors, such as Ether and Misty Lilac, engage with Ultra Violet in an unexpected way, helping us to see the rich rendition of violet in a slightly softer light. If you’re as charmed by Purple Haze as we are, check out our inspirational guide below, featuring products in the Purple Haze palette.  


Designs in Purple Haze

Ultra Violet is a hue that leaves a bold impression, but next to muted hues like Lavender Violet and Deauville Mauve, we see a softer side. One way to pull off this palette is to go monochrome; another way is to pair Ultra Violet with organically-inspired hues like Weeping Willow and Tradewinds.


Products in Purple Haze

Furniture and accents are the perfect way to dip your toe into Purple Haze. To dial up the impact of the lighter hues in this palette, we’re favoring decor with perceivable texture. Below, you’ll find some products that incorporate colors from the Purple Haze palette. 

Magnolia Plate in Heather Blue via Arhaus

Roxy Sofa via Arhaus

Curved Hall Table Without Drawer via Dust Furniture

Cove Chair and Ottomon from the Hélène Aumont Collection via Sotheby’s Home

Drawing Inspiration From Art

Violet by Melissa Mcgill via Zatista

Using Vishion to Explore this Color Palette

Once you’ve found the perfect painting in the perfect palette, use the Vishion app to upload an image of the painting and pull the colors to save to your board. From there, find fabric, wallpaper, furniture, and other decor to match!

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