The Paint Revolution

With COVID-19 sweeping the nation, it may seem more difficult than ever to stay motivated and continue your home design journey. Luckily, in the age of technology, there are more ways than ever to order all of your design needs, like paint, without ever stepping foot in a store. This week on the blog, we discuss interior designers’ best-kept secrets on how to continue your renovations, right from your couch.

The Paint Revolution

If you are an interior designer or a DIY lover, you understand the agony of the painting process. Go to the store, pick a color, get a sample, paint a sample, contemplate, and repeat. This cycle can go on for hours, days, and weeks, taking up all of your time. Now, with the coronavirus, those endless trips can even put your safety at risk. While your local hardware store may still be open, Americans are being asked to STAY HOME except for essential errands, posing the question, is that hardware store run a necessity?

Lucky for you, Vishion and some clever companies have revolutionized this never-ending process, creating a new, easy procedure that is effective and safe. Say goodbye to the hardware store, we’re now in the Paint Revolution.


Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams is typically found in brick and mortar shops, but they’ve also adapted to the evolving world, implementing home delivery for all of your online shopping needs. You can now order and reorder paint and supplies while also receiving status updates on all orders.

If you still prefer to pick up your paint from the store, to avoid those shipping fees, they are now offering curbside pickup to ensure the health and safety of all customers and employees.

Are you looking for some inspiration? Sherwin-Williams is an expert at color palettes and color collections. These can help you curate a new look anywhere in your home! The collections range from Honed Vitality and Vintage Moxie to Naturally Neutral. Take a look at some of Vishion’s favorite color palettes by Sherwin-Williams, here.

Clare Paint

Picture courtesy of Clare Paint

Clare Paint has everything you need for that painting project, delivered right to your front door! If you’ve been looking to renovate your home and update your wall colors but want to stay inside, Clare is here to help! What better time is there than now to start a project and get working?

Clare makes paint shopping easy with design curated colors, mess-free peel and paint swatches, and premium, zero VOC paint delivered right to you. Not sure what color to use to change up your space? Clare has a quick two-minute quiz you can take, and their Clare Color Genius will recommend the perfect color for your home!

Clare wants to make sure that even in these uncertain times, they will be there for all of your painting needs. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have informed the public that they’re open 24/7 and still shipping orders Monday through Friday.


Photo courtesy of Twitter

Choosing the perfect paint for your home can be difficult. With so many brands, color choices, and shades, the options are endless and can make your head spin. The thought is that you can always just paint a little square on the wall to see if you like it,  right? While it’s a great option, in theory, it poses its problems like messy sample spots.

This is where Samplize comes in; they make choosing a new paint color easy and mess-free! Samplize specializes in peel and stick paint samples made with real paint, so you know you’re always getting what you tested. The non- damaging adhesive also makes moving your paint swatch from location to location a breeze!

“Unlike traditional paint swatches which are merely dyed to mimic color, our paint samples are hand painted with the specific paint color from each company. Two coats are applied with rollers for color accuracy and texture that is as good as it gets” says Samplize 

Some of their popular paint lines include: Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Farrow, and Ball and Home Depot

Paint with Vishion

Finding that perfect color you’ve had in your head forever can be extremely difficult. Sometimes the endless array of paint swatches you go through still aren’t an exact fit. Luckily, with Vishion, you can find that perfect hue. Upload an inspirational photo, browse the Pantone or Sherwin-Williams catalog, or get inspired by other designs, color is at your fingertips with the Vishion app. Once you identify your color, we’ll show you paint from Sherwin-Williams in the right shade. Want to take it a step further? Browse the more than 1 MILLION products on the Vishion app – it’s all searchable by color.

Download Vishion today to start exploring the design world by color. 

Use Vishion to Inspire Your Design

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