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Art in Every Color of the Rainbow on Vishion

Nobody likes a blank wall. Interior designers and homeowners alike look to artists to create statement pieces to accompany furniture and decor in the home. Searching through all of the different styles, sizes, colors, and canvases for the perfect piece of art can be exhausting.  Add color-coordinated excitement to your home by searching for art in every color of the rainbow on Vishion.


Use red in your home to convey boldness, excitement, and energy. It can be simultaneously passionate and powerful.

Red collage abstract art

Photo from RFA Decor Art by Elige

Collage art is underrated. This hand-embellished, fashion-forward canvas takes retro and morphs it into modern.


Orange exudes confidence and bravery. It brightens up any room. It is an especially popular color in Mid-Century Modern homes.

Abstract-Smart by Anyes Galleani Mixed Media on Wood Panel

Photo from Zatista Art by Anyes Galleani


Nothing but cheerful energy comes from the color yellow. Don’t be afraid to add pops of yellow to convey optimism and inspire happiness in your home.

Sydney print yellow

Photo from RFA Decor Art by Robert Robinson

This piece is perfect for an upbeat urban home. It will make you want to hop on a plane to Australia as soon as travel is permitted.


Nothing says nature like a fresh touch of green. Green has definitely been a trending color in homes everywhere this year.

Fourth Balloon by Anne Lively Green

Photo from Zatista Art by Anne Lively


Blue is the most well-loved color of the rainbow. When people see blue they think about the ocean or the sky — a dependable, tranquil presence. You can’t go wrong adding blue to your home.

blue flower wallpaper mural

Art by Amanda M. Moody

Amanda Moody at Bombshelves takes large-scale art to new levels. Talk about movement! These are custom-made wallpaper murals make a statement like no other in any home.


This bold, vibrant, beauty is called “King of the Home Office.” How fitting and timely! This is the perfect piece to add to your home office when you miss your coworkers and your routine but also love the freedom you have working from home.


No doubt that the color violet makes you relaxed and reassured. It is fit for royalty.

violet oil art men

Photo from Zatista Art by Steven Boksenbaum

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