Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is trendier than ever and modern renditions are bright, colorful, and all over our Instagram feeds. Whether you’ve wallpapered a wall and have leftover supply or have simply fallen in love with a print but aren’t sold on papering a whole wall, keep reading for some wallpapering ideas that err unexpected.

It’s a common misconception that wallpaper is only reserved for walls. Much like paint, wallpaper can be incredibly versatile if you’re willing to get a little crafty. If you’re partial to the abstract florals, geometric patterns, and whimsical, watercolor-esq designs of modern wallpaper and are looking to add a little pattern (or texture!) to your home, there are plenty of out-of-the-box ways to do so. 

Refurbished Furniture

Refurbished Bookshelf

A bookcase renovation from Spoonflower Blog

Wallpaper can be used as an inventive means to refurbish old furniture, such as a bookcase or credenza that’s seen better days. When working with furniture, your best bet is peel-and-stick wallpaper, which is easy to apply and use and won’t damage the material/paint/stain underneath. 

DIY instructions: Start off by measuring the area you would like to cover with wallpaper. Don’t forget to factor in the sides if you’re planning on papering a whole door or drawer. You also might want to remove any hardware. Next, use a rotary cutter or scissors to cut your paper to size. When you’re ready, apply the paper and smooth out any air bubbles using a brayer. If you’re papering doors and drawers, you can use a similar technique to wrapping a present. Add an extra slice to the paper at edges to ensure the paper will lay neat and tight.

Wallpaper with Wainscoting

Colorful Wallpaper in a Bathroom

Wallpaper matching wainscoting from Colbat + Gold blog

One way to use wallpaper and paint in tandem is with a technique known as wainscoting. Traditionally, wainscoting referred to decorative wood paneling along the lower wall, and was a technique used a) to insulate a room, or b) protect a wall from scuffs or other damage. In its more modern form, wainscoting is often supplemented with paint or wallpaper.

DIY instructions: There are two ways to add wallpaper to your wainscotting. The first method is to apply the paper inside the wainscoting panels, to add some color/pattern/visual intrigue to the paneling. To protect the paneling underneath, you might want to use stick-and-peel wallpaper. The other method is to apply the wallpaper to the wall area above the wainscotting, to lend visual balance to the wall. 

Large-Scale Art

Framed wallpaper panels by Summer Adams

Wallpaper can be used to create large-scale art on the cheap. You can use any sort of wallpaper for this kind of a project. You’ll also need a canvas to apply your wallpaper to (poster-board could also work) and a large frame. 

DIY instructions: To start, make sure the canvas or poster-board you have will fit within your frame. If it doesn’t, cut it to size. Next, apply wallpaper to your canvas or poster-board using your desired technique. Once you’ve smoothed out any air bubbles, have allowed the paper to dry (if necessary), and are happy with the effect, simply frame your DIY masterpiece. 

Wallpapered Ceiling

Wallpaper on ceiling and teal wallpaper

Wallpaper on the ceiling and matching cabinets from Fine Furnished blog

Finally, wallpaper can be applied to the ceiling to tie the room together. This method works especially well if you’re working with colored cabinetry and are looking for a way to reintroduce the color in an interesting way.

DIY instructions: Before wallpapering, ensure your ceiling is clean. Next, measure out the dimensions of your ceiling and cut your paper to size. To apply the paper, use a ladder and/or a roller with an extended arm. Use the roller, a sponge, or a brayer to smooth out any air bubbles and an X-ACTO knife to clean up the edges and corners. 

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