The 4th of July is just around the corner and we can’t wait to get the grille goin’, crack open a cold beer, and celebrate the birth of American independence! Red, white, and blue are the colors that represent this festive and fun summer holiday, and there are so many ways to incorporate your American pride into your home. Let’s check out some of our favorite patriotic interior designs that incorporate these American colors of freedom! 

Must-Have Table Placements

4th of July Table Setting
Photo by Decoist

The 4th of July is all about outdoor barbecues and being together to celebrate America’s Independence Day, and there isn’t a better way to do this than with the most festive red, white, and blue table placements to add that extra spark of fun. Use red plates with blue table cloths for a patriotic touch, or find some red-tinted glassware to have some drinks in. Even a red, white, and blue patterned throw pillow to add to the chairs of your outdoor dining set will add the perfect touch!

Decorate Your Table With Vishion

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Festive Doorway Decor

Front Door 4th of July
Photo by Better Homes & Gardens

Want to be extra festive for the 4th of July? Paint your door a crisp or dark red to add that patriotic touch.  Incorporate blue, red, and white planters to brighten up your front porch and you can even add fun firework decor or American flags for some pop!

Design A Patriotic Outdoor Space with Vishion

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Red, White, and Blue Flowers are a Must!

Red White Blue Flowers
Photo by Kriste Michelini Interiors

Flowers are a must during any 4th of July event!  There are many varieties of red, white, and blue flowers that can be arranged in a bouquet or used in vases to brighten up a table setting or in the kitchen. You can even buy fake ones and reuse them throughout your home for other events!

Find Americana Inspired Vases with Vishion

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Patriotic Pillows

Patriotic seat cushions
Photo by The Design Twins

Adding red, white, and blue pillows throughout the home makes it much more patriotic and fun for the 4th of July! Utilizing these colors can brighten up your neutral-colored sofa and make the room as lively as possible.  We love a pop of color, especially for such a festive holiday!

Decorate with the Perfect Pillow with Vishion

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The American Flag

American flag
Photo by Beauty for Ashes

The American flag is the key symbol of the 4th of July and can be used as decoration in many different parts of your home during this festive month!  Drape it over a fireplace, or use smaller flags arranged with flowers in vases to create colorful arrangements.

Find Your American Flag using Vishion

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Get a Red, White, & Blue Inspired Look with Vishion

Are you inspired by the 4th of July colors: red, white, and blue?  Incorporate these patriotic colors into your home or next interior design project.  Simply choose a color in our color search engine and let Vishion put your favorite home decor colors to work.

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