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We sat down with Kavka Designs to talk about color and how they blend art with home decor.

Tell us about yourself and KAVKA DESIGNS

I started Kavka Designs with my husband over 3 years ago after we both quit our corporate careers to launch our very own startup. We always had the entrepreneurial bug but we needed the experience. After a combined 20 years in the home decor space, we were ready. Our vision was to partner with independent artists to work on a bevy or textiles, give the artists a platform to see their work come to life and sell them online. It truly was an organic process that started with a handful of artists but grew to over 60 (and counting) all over the world. Working with creatives has been the greatest gift because their creativity is contagious and their passion for doing what they love inspires me to do better for them.

What makes your design approach different?

I work hands-on with every artist to curate a specific aesthetic. The creative collaboration we share is unique and personal, and I learn from each and every one of them. It is my favorite part of the process.

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Is there a specific theme or feel to your design?

Our aesthetic is mostly earth tones and neutrals with simple pops of color to keep it fresh. We keep our finger on the pulse of what is trending and stay up-to-date in colorways.
The beauty of our business is that our products are made to order in the USA so we can literally have a concept on a Monday and an actual product ready to go on a Tuesday, so we are constantly developing new designs.

What is your favorite color trend at the moment?

I am loving this year’s Pantone color “Living Coral” as well as the cool mints and soft blushes.

How do you think our app can help you or your designers?

I love the app. I have been using it in developing colorways to match a certain theme. It is a great resource if you find a design or colorway you love, but you are not able to take a “sample” or “swatch” all you need to do is take a picture and the app will do the rest! It is really an extraordinary tool that I would share with designers, artists, and friends who need a tool like this while they are decorating.

What has been your favorite product? 

I always had an affinity for wall art, however, rugs have really proven to be my latest and greatest fave. We just launched a new rug line this summer and we are so excited about it because a rug has the capacity to really anchor a room. It is a staple. And if you choose a rug palette you love, you can easily accessorize your space playing off those colors.

What brands or people inspire you?

Growing up I was obsessed with Ralph Lauren. I love his plaids and classic stripes with preppy and southwestern pops of colors. In my eyes, he is the epitome of what a brand should reflect.


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