Vishion’s Guide to Wallpaper Design Styles and Trends

Wallpaper is the quintessential way to breathe new life into your old walls. Today on the blog, we explore wallpaper design styles and some modern, trend-forward takes on this old-school interior choice.

Vishion Why Wallpaper

Wallpaper vs. Paint

Thanks to modern technology, materials, and ingenuity, adding wallpaper to your interior design is easier and cheaper than ever. When deciding to design with wallpaper or paint, some factors to consider are ease of application and removal, cost, and longevity.


Wallpaper and paint can range in price from the low end to the high end of the cost spectrum. While painting your space is cheaper on average, you can save on the cost of wallpapering by opting for paper in a low-to-mid-range price point and completing the installation yourself – making wallpaper a budget-friendly alternative to paint.  

Ease of application and removal

Wallpaper is becoming an increasingly popular choice for interior wall treatment. In part, this is thanks to developments in wallpaper technology that make the application and removal process far simpler than it used to be. Today, you can get paper that’s pre-pasted or self-adhering, which is a far cry from the mess and stress associated with traditional, non-pasted paper.


Wallpaper tends to be more durable than paint. While paint can show wear and tear by chipping and peeling from moisture or brute force, wallpaper will stand up to most situations much better and (if installed correctly) could last anywhere from years to decades. Wallpaper is also easier to clean than paint.

Wallpaper Design Styles

Living Room design featuring wallpaper in a pink, geometric vintage design

Photo and Design by Maureen Stevens


Floral wallpaper is a trend that’s endured throughout the 20th century. Today’s trending florals tend to err abstract, in the form of non-repeating murals, which are sometimes hand-painted or possess a distinctly painterly quality. There is also an appeal for floral patterns in vibrant and contrasting colors.


Watercolor-inspired wallpaper designs are reminiscent of paintings on canvas, boasting rich pigments, evocative brushstrokes, and overall elegance. The trend also extends to include small-format painterly designs, such as microprint patterns.

Vishion’s Favorite Watercolor-inspired Wallpaper Designs

water-color inspired wallpaper design by amanda moody

Wallpaper Design and Photo by Amanda Moody

We can’t get enough of these gorgeous designs by Amanda Moody of Bombshelves.

“To make my wallpaper and textile patterns, I have two methods. I either take a photograph of a section of a completed original painting and then alter it into a pattern, or I blow up the entire image large scale into a macro wall mural. I have always had favorite sections of each of my paintings, and I get totally juiced when I am able to create something completely different as an extension of a single painting.” – Amanda Moody


A wide appeal for graphic, geometric patterns that contain a sense of movement has ensued from the digital age. Examples of contemporized graphic designs include repeating geometrics, patterns in high-contrast color combinations, and edgier takes on botanical prints.


Monochrome wallpaper can bring depth to a room in a subtle and sophisticated way. Think ombre and low-contrast marbleized prints. Monochrome wallpaper can also be easier to work with when decorating a room since it is composed of a single color. 


The textural wallpaper trend includes paper that has real or perceived texture, interacts with light, or has a two-dimensional design. Think grasscloths and faux suedes. Textural wallpaper is a great way to add some intrigue to an otherwise neutral wall or room.

Wallpaper Trends in Professional Designs 

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