The Complexities of Color

Using color digitally can be challenging, but that didn’t stop us. Here’s how Vishion is tackling the complexities of color.

Those that work with color know it can be temperamental when it comes to everyday technology. Some cameras have a hard time capturing the brilliance of a color. Images of items online might be altered too much during editing, changing the colors actual appearance. The brightness setting on a phone or computer screen can potentially change the hues presented.

Vishion is working with color experts, brands and partners to improve how color can be used online to achieve your home design goals. As we launch our mobile app, we want to show how you can use color now and what to expect in the future.

Finding the right Color

To ensure Vishion users begin with the correct color, we are working with Sherwin-Williams and Pantone, as well as enabling the use of HEX, RGB and HSB values. Colors can be pulled from images as well, but users must be confident the image reflects the correct color.

The image seen above is in Vishion’s office. When you pull the color from an image, confirm the accuracy of the color pulled against the item you want to match. Confident Yellow is the actual color of the wall pictured, showing the accuracy of the Vishion search when the right color is shown.

How Light Changes Color

I took a picture of the same area of the office with bad lighting. Needless to say, this produced the wrong results. Color is extremely temperamental to light. Make sure the image reflects the color you’re considering as much as possible.

The other side of the search is the products featured. We are working with brands beginning this fall to ensure the accuracy of our search results. End-to-end color accuracy will take time and we are the first to tackle the initial steps of exploring color online.

Unique Color, Limited Results

We are excited to help you find new things to create a unique space. As you search for items to complete your design, remember the brighter and more saturated the color is the more limited the results.

Vishion will provide results that are as close to your selected color as possible, but remember you can find complementary colors if you want to further explore options that match your preferred shade.

The leadership team at Vishion is continually partnering with popular and unique brands to ensure our search engine has looked in every store on the planet.

The future of color exploration

Photo by Christelle Bourgeois

With every search, Vishion improves. Over time you’ll see more results and color accuracy will be improved. We focus on the complexities of color to improve the online experience.

We are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to explore how color can be used for home design. If you have suggestions as to how we can make our app better for you, let us know! If you haven’t already, download the Vishion app today.

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