An Insider Look at 7 Celebrity Interior Designs, Thanks to Zoom

Celebrities: They’re just like us, with their neon-hued basements, dedicated shoe closets and built-in shelving units brimming with Oscars. Well, maybe they’re not *quite* like us, but thanks to social distancing, us normal folk have gotten to peek inside the homes of the rich and the famous to see how the other side lives.

Zoom, Zoom

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If there’s one… interesting… takeaway from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that we’re all inviting each other into our homes on a more intimate (yet virtual) level. People who may never get to peek inside the walls of our homes now get to judge us based on the novels on our bookshelves, not the self-help books piled on our desks. And in true celebrity-thirsty fashion, normal people just like you and me now have the opportunity to dissect the interior design choices of our favorite celebs via zoom.

1. John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Social media queen Chrissy Teigen has always felt comfortable sharing the intimate details of her life with her adoring fans. But now that she has all the time in the world (read: no choice but to stay home), she’s shared even more of her life at home with husband and singer John Legend.

The Teigen-Legend household is just as aesthetically pleasing as you might expect from a bombshell model and her artist husband. Teigen likes to poke fun at her perfectly imperfect life on Twitter, but it’s clear that a lot of effort, time, and investment has gone into making their home’s interior design a place where you want to spend time. With a bright, open kitchen that would make a Michelin-star chef blush and a home gym filled with sexy fitness equipment, this is one celebrity house where I wouldn’t mind being quarantined for a few months. (OK, I’ll start packing my bags now if you insist…)

2. Tom Hanks

Cherry kitchen cabinets are admittedly not my thing. But Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks, and he can make anything look good. “Hanx,” as he lovingly signs off on Twitter, invited us into his home at a particularly vulnerable time — right when the coronavirus pandemic started. He hosted SNL’s first at-home special from his kitchen and helped many confused, troubled Americans forget about the world for a little while.

That being said, if I had as much money as Tom Hanks, you better believe that my kitchen would be bright, big, and outfitted with more pasta arms than I could ever use in one day.

3. Pete Davidson…’s mom’s basement

Pete Davidson shows that a man cave doesn’t have to be a dark, dank pit of despair (and testosterone). His mom’s basement — yes, really — is a colorful oasis that’s fun and outfitted with all the modern fixtures that make life easier. Davidson showed off his pad in a recent episode of Saturday Night at Home, but that’s not the first time he’s invited his dedicated fans into his crib. Prior to his Netflix stand-up comedy special, he gave a tour of his basement apartment, complete with his signature self-deprecating humor that only a charming man as himself can pull off.

By any measure, Davidson’s home is one of the most fun homes of all the SNL actors, despite the fact that his mom lives upstairs. From the under-cabinet lighting to the *ahem* very nice shower, Davidson’s home is kind of what you’d expect from a single guy in his 20s who’s successful and famous.

4. John Krasinski

I’m a sucker for nice built-in cabinets, particularly when they’re filled with volumes of books, personal trinkets, and children’s art. Plus, abundant natural lighting never hurt anyone, either. If you’re anything like me, then the John Krasinski-Emily Blunt household may have caught your attention, as well. The actor-director power-couple that we’ve all come to envy has given us another reason to be a little jealous: their Brooklyn apartment, which they bought in early 2019 for $15.3 million, according to Vogue.

Krasinski’s home is also the production set for his quarantine remedy clip show, “Some Good News,” which floods my social media feed with feel-good stories when all the bad news becomes too much to bear.

5. Queen Elizabeth II

If there’s anyone in the world who has no excuse but to have the perfect setup for their Zoom call, it’s Queen Elizabeth II. In an address to the British people on the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Queen Elizabeth II broadcasted live from her office in Windsor Castle, which was accented by fresh-cut flowers and a photograph of her father, King George VI, who had announced the end of World War II at the same date and time 75 years earlier.

The professional setup and execution of this announcement makes it slightly more official than some of the other Zoom calls on this list, but who’s to judge? In 2020, we all have the tools at our disposal to make our virtual messages heard, and seen.

6. Gayle King

Here’s the thing about yellow patterned wallpaper: It’s bold, and it makes a statement. People will either love it or hate it. The tiny, shriveled Italian nonna inside myself is in the former camp, although I can’t say I’d ever dare to be so bold as to embrace these bright hues in the fashion of television personality Gayle King.

King’s bright NYC apartment has some pretty impressive views, too. Even though she may be based in the epicenter of America’s coronavirus outbreak, it must be some solace to be able to soak in the Manhattan skyline from the comfort of her own home.

7. Colin Jost

Looking into SNL comedian Colin Jost’s living room, you can almost smell the leather and cigars. It certainly has a masculine touch, but it’s comforting and cozy, as well. Jost gave viewers a look inside his pad starting in April with Saturday Night Live at Home. Even without the news desk SNL fans have come to expect every weekend, Jost has guaranteed Weekend Update still feels like the satire news source we all need at the end of a long week in 2020 hellscape America.

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