26 Stunning & Colorful Rugs That Instantly Brighten Any Space

The Vishion Shopify App can help your website visitors search by color on your website. Here are 26 colorful rugs we found using Vishion for a dramatic pop of color below your feet

I will never forget how my living room transformed from a dull space to an inviting home once I added a bright-colored rug under my couch. 

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to brighten up a space, consider a stunning rug. Here is a list of  26 colorful rugs that could brighten up any room in or outside a home.

Plus, we’ll show you how our Shopify search filter can help your customers find the perfect complimentary piece for their new bright rugs! 

Green Rugs

Growing up, I never saw a rug in the kitchen. A trend we’ve noticed lately is the use of a runner by the island. Using a bright green in the kitchen is fairly uncommon, making it an easy addition to add a unique pop.

Phoenix Rug from Lulu and Georgia

Stonewashed Medallion Rug from Anthropologie

Empress Rug from Lulu and Georgia


Red Rugs

Although a darker red can be a less risky choice when it comes to traditional home design, there are plenty of ways to make it bold within a modern look. If it’s playing off other red accents in the room, the rug won’t blend in.

Channing Persian-Style Rug from Pottery Barn

Tufted Anika Rug from Anthropologie

Distressed Medallion Rug from West Elm

Blue Rugs

Blue has the ability to shift the energy in a room and make the world seem calmer. This doesn’t mean the tranquility has to be boring. Consider a blue with a bolder pattern to brighten your design.

Maya Rug from Lulu and Georgia

Adeline Rug – Blue from Pottery Barn


Checkerboard Diamond Wool Dhurrie from West Elm

Brown Rugs

Usually a dull tone, you might think brown rugs wouldn’t make the list. These brown rugs standout even when they are surrounded by brown accents.

Rana Rug from Lulu and Georgia

Caravan Rug from Anthropologie

Marisol Area Rug from Apt2B

Pink Rugs

There is something about pink that makes a room feel bohemian. These rugs show how so many shades of light pink can add texture to the floor.

All Roads Texture-Striped Flatweave Rug from Anthropologie

Flame Rug from West Elm

Glam Shag Rug – Rose Gold from West Elm

Yellow Rugs

Solid yellow rugs seem to be trending for both indoor and outdoor spaces. While it is an easier addition outside, the Alloy Distressed Rug from West Elm shows how yellow can bring a dark room to life.

Additri Indoor/Outdoor dug from Arhaus

Alloy Distressed Rug from West Elm

Orange Rugs

Orange is probably one of the least popular colors when it comes to rugs, but if you can find a great pattern that highlights the shade you can really lighten up a room.

Aracelli Rug from Anthropologie

Themis Vintage Rug from Lulu and Georgia

Marcello Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Anthropologie

Purple Rugs

I’m in love with rugs featuring light purple shades. I would use the Vishion app to pull that beautiful shade of purple from the Kaira Rug from Arhaus to find accent pieces for the entire room.

Kaira Rug from Arhaus

Laisha Power-Loomed Rug

Hand-Knotted Double Diamond Rug from Anthropologie

Black Rugs

I have a neighbor with a black striped rug in their backyard. It’s the only rug I feel like I’ve ever truly noticed. Especially when you contrast the color with natural tones, it’s hard not to notice.

Colca Wool Rug from West Elm

Montecito Area Rug from Apt2B

Fabien Synthetic Indoor/Outdoor Rug – Black Multi from Pottery Barn

Vishion Can Help Your Customers Find The Perfect Hues to Match Their Rugs

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Vishion allows your customers to search by any color and  filter by size, price, and relevancy. With over 10 million colors in our database, your customers can shop by shades, palettes, hex values, and even pull a color from a picture. 

Check out our demo website and see how Vishion’s Shopify search filter can help enhance your customer’s experience to boost sales. 

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