9 Wallpaper & Paint Combinations We Love

I have been trying to find a way to incorporate wallpaper into my own house. I’ve placed samples all over, but have such a difficult time envisioning how it will look when it’s complete. Seeing the finished project is always helpful. That’s why I’ve included some of my favorites on Instagram below, along with some tips as to where you can copy the styles!


Tile Wallpaper

This Cole & Son’s tile wallpaper is great. But add a pop of color, which is similar to Sherwin William’s Amalfi paint.


Dream Bedroom

My obsession with wallpaper actually began in my master bedroom. I wanted to find something that would make the room pop. The wallpaper from Graham and Brown  looks perfect with Sherwin William’s Paint Respite.

Watercolor Bathroom

This wallpaper is matched with a color similar to Sherwin William’s Cooled Blue, which takes the prominent color of the wallpaper to fill the rest of the room. While the origin of this wallpaper is unclear, I did find a similar option through the Vishion app.


Casual Pineapple Wallpaper

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Not into commitments? That’s okay! This pineapple wallpaper from Target is actually stick and peel. It goes perfectly with Sherwin William’s First Star.


Dark wallpaper & paint

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I’m starting to notice I trend towards the bluer shades when it comes to wallpaper and paint combination. I typically don’t like rooms this dark, but the colors from the Sandberg wallpaper go seamlessly with what looks like Sherwin William’s Marea Baja.


Emerald Green Dream

This emerald wallpaper would go perfectly in a vibrant offices space. Sherwin William’s Hunt Club goes perfectly with this exciting print.


Marble Wallpaper with a brilliant door

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I wish I was bold enough, dare I say cool enough, to do a marble wallpaper in my house.  I do love the green door, which is similar to Olympic Range from Sherwin Williams.


Tropics-Inspired Bathroom

My current bathroom is a bright coral. If I had a bathroom fairy, I would totally change it to this emerald green. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a similar wallpaper, but the paint on the bead board looks exactly like Country Squire from Sherwin Williams.


Peacock -Inspired Bathroom

The peacock wallpaper from Schumacher gives an elegant vibe to a smaller bathroom. A perfect paint to compliment is French Moire from Sherwin Williams.


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