How to Create a Children’s Bedroom That Everyone Will Love

“Design is meant to be fun and I want to teach this to my daughter at an early age so that she loves interior design as much as I do. Hopefully, when she is older, she will be comfortable in her own style and take risks when approaching color and design! Here is a how-to guide to help create a kid’s room that you and your child will love.” – Emily Fee

Get to Know Their “Vishion”

Photo by Senjuti Kundu

Start by asking questions! Getting a full picture of your child’s imagination and what they envision for their space is key! Try taking them out to lunch to make it a real treat. Here are a few questions that will help you get ideas and start your decor board for their space:

  • “What are your favorite colors? What colors do you want to see in your room? Do you have a must-have color?”
  • “What are your favorite things to do in your room? If you could add anything to your space what would it be?”
  • “What is your favorite animal, flower?”

For this space, we found out that our “client” LOVED crafts and had always dreamed of a dedicated craft space. She also loved books and soft fabrics. We were TOTALLY taken with her charm and she was so excited to be part the creative process!


Get Them Involved in The Process

Make sure all the options you offer your child are options that you would also be happy with, no matter what they choose.  Do not sit down in front of a computer with them and scroll… trust me, the end result is not good. But do keep an open mind, this is the little’s personal space. Eclectic — within reason — can be charming, too.

Photo by Aubrey Mariea

With her wishes in mind, we made a list of the must-have’s for the space:

  • Dedicated craft area
  • Reading nook
  • Soft fabrics
  • Pinks and whites

We then cross-referenced that list to our list of MUST-HAVE’s for a kid space:

  • Accent wall
  • Statement lighting
  • Custom storage stools
  • Fun plays on texture and pattern

With every kid space we have designed, we’ve found that if we include these elements — it’s a no-fail road to creating playful rooms that grow up a bit with our little clients as the years go by.

Create a Space That Will Grow With Your Child

When thinking about a child’s space, TIMELESS is the word we say on repeat. With timeless in mind, our next step for this bedroom was to brainstorm how to combine the two lists. We always start the design process with a particular item as our launching point, so we took her love for books and the idea of an accent wall and combined the two with the find of this Kate Spade wallpaper. That jumpstarted the rest of the room and we moved on to bedding selection (solid bedding and headboard to break up the bold wallpaper). Next, we created a desk area with dedicated craft bins and a reading nook with the coziest chair.

Design Tips for a timeless space:

  • Go for twin beds (or larger), not bunkbeds — they are more versatile and create a grown-up feel that the child can grow into.
  • Themed rooms are tough on the timeless department. If a child is obsessed with a certain character/sport/etc., consider incorporating this passion into the art or an accent piece. A large print can be easily swapped out as tastes change, but also provides the personal touch that makes the kid own the space.
  • Pick solid colors for bedding and headboard/footboard, and bring in fun patterns in with blankets and throw pillows.
  • Even in spaces for younger people, incorporate greenery. It provides a calm and natural feel to the space — even if its faux. While we are NOT fans of faux, we do think kid spaces are an exception.

Vishion’s Favorite Design Products for Children

Welcoming new little ones into the family is always exciting! But maintaining the stylish design of your home can prove difficult when making sure it is safe and fun for your child as well. With these three products, you won’t have to compromise your interior design while keeping your child happy and safe!

1. Roam Free Play Mats by The House of Noa

Photos and products by House of Noa 

Photos and products by House of Noa

Allowing your child to roam and explore is all part of them growing up. However, we understand the concern of bumped heads and bruised knees from hardwood floors. The House of Noa has your back! These mats come in multiple neutral colors and patterns that won’t compromise your interior design or your child’s safety. They’re practical, durable, non-toxic, seamless and of course, beautiful!

PRO Tip: You don’t need to have children to use these durably stylish mats, incorporating them into a home gym/workout room is another way to have practical flooring without compromising your interior design.

2. Turn Your Walls Into a Work of Art

Kids are always looking for new ways to be as creative and imaginative as possible. Every time they create something new,  you want to make them feel supported but this can get a little tricky. Markers drawn and tape stuck on the walls can be hard to swallow when your a parent that loves interior design. Luckily, we have a few solutions for you. FrameBridge makes it easy to custom frame anything you want. Take your child’s paintings and turn them into a gallery wall. Another solution is to use chalkboard paint on the walls of a playroom. Finally, you can let your kids be their own Picasso. This dedicated art space allows for easy clean and maximum creativity. Just make sure that your children know that not every wall is chalkboard paint!

3. Clever Toy Storage

With endless toys and play materials scattered throughout your home, finding an easy and convenient way to store toys can be tricky! A clever way to hide your children’s toys is using the inside of your window seat for storage. This gives your home a sleek and stylish look while also maximizing the amount of space you have available!

Don’t have room for a window seat? Kids Interiors gives you 15 other ways to keep your home looking chic and polished. From boxes to rolling bins and even recycled furniture, storing your kids toys has never been easier!


Bedrooms You and Your Children Will Love


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