Trending Shades of Orange

The color orange is fresh, youthful, and creative. In this article, we explore trending shades of orange, how best to pull them off, and how professional designers are using orange in their interior designs.

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Orange in Interior Design

If you’re looking for a color that’s equal parts soothing and sprightly, look no further than the color orange. Orange is an instant mood booster, known to promote feelings of optimism and decrease feelings of irritability. If you’re not sure how you feel about this bold hue, use it as an accent to lend a burst of energy to your interior designs.

Feng Shui Color Principals and Orange 

Much like red, orange is considered a fire color. It embodies the hopefulness of yellow and the strength of red. When used in the home, orange is best suited for social places, where optimism, energy, conversation, and candor are sought. These traits make orange an ideal choice for paint and accents in rooms such as the family room and dining room.

Trending Shades of Orange

Pumpkin Orange

Though it’s not quite fall, pumpkin orange is a 2020 color trend that is autumn-inspired. Use pumpkin orange to warm up interiors comprised of neutrals, such as shades of white and grey. Pair pumpkin orange with shades of brown, red, or yellow for a subtle effect or alongside shades of blue for a high-contrast, high-energy vibe. 

Apricot Orange

Though it’s not quite as bright as pumpkin orange, apricot is a rendition of orange that packs a visual punch. Apricot orange is warm, energetic, and pairs well alongside shades of browns, blacks, and whites.

Clay Tones

Earthy shades of red are especially trendy this year, and the same goes for earthy shades of orange. A prime example is terracottaa marriage of red and orangewhich was one of the trendiest colors for interiors last year. This year, pigmented terracotta, brick tones, and other clay tones are bringing warmth and character to interior designs.

Cantaloupe Orange

In keeping with the theme of hues that make you hungry, cantaloupe is a rendition of orange that has a softer undertone than pumpkin or apricot. Not unlike the interior of melon, cantaloupe has a milky quality to it, reminiscent of a pastel. Some would say that cantaloupe is a blend of pastel orange and a clay toned orange, such as terracotta. Cantaloupe pairs well with neutrals or other “milky” hues.

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