Trending Shades of Red

The color red is associated with energy, passion, and intensity. In this article, we explore shades of red that are especially trendy right now and how professional designers are using red in their designs.

Design via Bree Leech

It was only a few years ago that Millennial pink was taking over everything from fashion runways to Pinterest boards. Millennial pink answered our need for a color trend that was agreeable, positive, and delicate. That said, color trends are evolving, and as Millennial pink fades into the background, hues that are strong, sophisticated, and complex are taking its place.

Red in Interior Design

When used in interiors, red is fresh, contemporary, and anything but subtle. It’s best suited for social rooms that could benefit from an infusion of energy, such as the dining room or kitchen. If you find red to be too strong in a large area, consider this powerful color for an accent wall. Red shines brightest when paired with dramatic lighting.

Feng Shui Color Principals and Red

According to the color principles of Feng Shui, red is considered a fire color. Fire colors are best suited to spaces where you want to encourage liveliness, energy, activity, and conversation, such as the dining room or workout room. Since red is such a strong color, you might find it overwhelming if it covers the entire room. In this case, consider using a fire color for a hallway or as an accent wall.

The New Frontier of Red

Earthy Reds

As we move away from Millennial pink, mature renditions of red pose a nuanced alternative. Think burnt sienna, terracotta, and rust. In addition to paying homage to the planet, at a time when there’s much emphasis to preserve it, these hues bring warmth and richness to any space they’re used in. For a look that’s luxe and complex, layer earthy reds amidst other warm hues, such as mauve, mustard, brown, or dark red.

Sherwin-Williams Earthy Reds


Primary Red

Using primary colors in your interiors is a bold choice, but sometimes it pays to be bold. That said, too much primary red in your space can end up being visually strenuous. When decorating with primary red, use muted hues, neutrals, and wood tones to soften the visual impact. For a fresh take on this color, use it as a bold accent in black and white designs.

Sherwin-Williams Primary Reds

Dark Reds

Dark, rich reds, such as burgundy and caramel tones add warmth, sophistication, and drama to any room. Combine dark red with other shades of red to create a look with complexity and dimension. This year, matte color finishes are popular, and the use of gold accents can help to brighten it up. 

Dark Red Colors by Sherwin-Williams

Use Vishion to Create a Trend-Inspired Color Palette


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