Designing in Pantone Colors of Desert Sunset

Pantone’s palette of the week in the Vishion app features the colors seen in a desert sunset. See how professional designers have used these colors in their space.

Pops of color in home design can be challenging to someone without a design eye, especially feminine colors of pink and purple. That’s why we pulled together designs and products that showcase the potential behind Pantone’s Desert Sunset palette.


Pantone Palette: Desert Sunset

Designs in Pantone’s Desert Sunset Palette

These colors may be overwhelming when placed only together, but when there is relief from a duller hue the design can pack a beautiful punch. Here are some examples from professional designers to show how the Desert Sunset palette can be infused into your design.

Design by Ashley Delapp, photo by Erica Mark


Interior design by Summer Thornton of a Chicago Co-Op at 1500 Lake Shore Drive.

Design by Ashley Delapp, photo by Erica Mark


Design by Summer Thorton

Finding Products in this Palette

Vishion users can take a Pantone color to begin a search for specific products. Focused on helping interior designers and design lovers, we are working with brands that can help fill a home or an office with color. Below you will find a variety of products from the Vishion app that match the Desert Sunset palette.

Louis XVI Style Chairs, Sotheby’s


Jane with Red Towel by Nicholas Robertson; Acrylic Painting


Kravet Fabrics

Lexington Sofa from Apt2B


Faux Fur throw in taupe from Arhaus

Jenkins Pillow, Piper

Inspiration for your design

Photo by Robert Murray

Inspiration for your design can be found in sprawling landscapes or in everyday life. When you find inspiration, especially for a colorful product or design, you can use Vishion. With the app, you can take an image, pull the colors, and save to board. Next, find products, paints or fabrics by a specific color. Wherever you go, your palette will be there with you.


Example of how you can use an image to make a Vishion board.


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