6 Curated Designs Inspired by Fall Foliage

The Vishion palette of the week using Sherwin-Williams colors reminds us of the natural beauty of autumn. We showcase six interior designers that incorporate the colors of the season in their designs.


Vishion created this palette of the week based on the autumn vibes we’ve seen from interior designers. The palette reminds us of fall foliage, containing eight rich and moody hues based on Sherwin-Williams colors. Some of the colors in this collection are reminiscent of the hues seen on leaves changing in the fall; otherssuch as Anchors Aweigh SW 9179, Black Magic SW 6991, and Roycroft Rose SW 0034play into current color trends we are seeing in recently published designs. This article explores some striking color combinations derived from the fall foliage palette. 

Interior Designs Inspired by Fall Foliage

As far as color pairings go, the combination of Sherwin-Williams Pennywise and Craftsman Brown is the quintessential way to ring in the fall season. For a look that’s more timeless, pair Anchors Aweigh SW 9179 alongside Cargo Pants SW 7738 or Black Magic SW 6991 alongside Garden Gate SW 6167. Finally, if you feel like throwing some pink into the mix, consider the combination of Roycroft Rose SW 0034, Pennywise SW 6349, and a subtle neutral, such as Craftsman Brown SW 2835. 

Photo by Jerome Galland (Source; Instagram)

Design by Kate Marker Interiors (Source: Instagram)


Design by Bandd Design (Source; Instagram)


Design by Bria Hammel Interiors (Source; Instagram)

Featured on My Scandinavian Home (Source: Instagram)


Photography by Simon Upton (source: Instagram)

Creating a Vishion Board Inspired by Fall

Download the Vishion app to explore any of the Sherwin-Williams colors from this palette, create an inspiration board, and select complementary colors. Then, find fabric, wallpaper, furniture, or art to match!

Le Creuset in Flame orange; found using Vishion by searching Sherwin-Williams Pennywise

Equipal Upholstered Chairs from Sotheby’s Home; found with Vishion by searching for chairs matching Sherwin-Williams Hep Green

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