Go Bold with Gray in Home Design

Gray has gotten a bad rap for being the “play it safe” color in home design. We’ll show you how bold home design can be when the normally dull shade is used in an adventurous way. 

Gray is one of the most popular colors in paint and decor because it fits so easily into your home design. Loving the shade doesn’t mean your design has to be dull. We pulled together designs by professionals who showcase how gray can pack a punch.


Home Designs in Gray

The closet is designed by Dwell by Cheryl. The paint on the walls is Sherwin-Williams Granite Peak. Photo by Smith Hardy.


The Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden


Design by New South Home; photo by Laura Sumrak


Design by William T. Baker


Design by New South Home; photo by Laura Sumrak

Gray palettes in art

Art can play a large role in making a plain room pop. When paired with a light gray wall, a unique piece of art that leans into your color palette can change the dynamic of the room.

Design by Ashley Delapp; photo by Erica Mark

We used our favorite gray palettes to showcase how you can use the Vishion app to search by color to find art. I may be biased about my favorite gray palette because the first colors from Sherwin-Williams showcase the exact paints that fill my home.

Sherwin-Williams Paint

After the Rain by Stephanie Berry, from Zatista

Eight (1 of 8) by joel degrand; from Zatista


Identity No. 2 by Elizabeth Becker; from Zatista

Pantone Palette

If you’re looking for art to spice up your office, you may lean on Pantone to collect colors to represent your brand. The Vishion app allows users to search by Pantone colors to send you in a direction that goes with your preferred palette.

Medinilla Magnifica by Nadia NL; from Zatista


The General and his retinue. by Igor Shulman; by Zatista


Just as long as I can get to kiss by Gugi Goo; from Zatista


Find Gray Palettes from your Surroundings

Whenever you see gray in a stunning landscape, take a picture. With Vishion you have the ability to pull and play with the colors intertwined with the shade to see how you can use it in your design. Look to your surroundings to go bold with gray in your home design.

Consider this image of a mountain from Cristina Gottardi. I took the Vishion app and found paint colors that match the stunning landscape. Below you’ll see an example of Sherwin-Williams paint Cascades which can be seen in the water.

Wall in Sherwin-Williams color Cascades

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