Three Easy DIY Projects to Transform Your Tile

Much like the art on your walls, your household tiling can be a unique expression of your personal tastes and style preferences. If you’re a fan of statement tiling, keep reading for three DIY methods to design and create your own.

DIY Decorative Tile: Methods & Best Practices

3 ways to transform tilePainting

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Painting tile is simple in theory but requires preparation to get the best results possible. Before you get started, you’ll need to sand your tiles, repair any cracks or imperfections in the grout or tile, andonce you’ve washed and dried the tiles thoroughlyprime them with an acrylic paint primer. Next, apply an acrylic semi-gloss interior paint, followed by a urethane finish. It will take roughly two weeks for the paint to thoroughly dry and cure, so handle your tiles with caution under the paint has fully hardened.

Need some inspiration? Check out social media sites like TikTok for some great DIY design ideas!


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Stenciling is an easy and cost-effective way to achieve the ornate look of decorative tiling. Prepare your tiles by making sure they are clean, dust-free, and in good condition. Again, you’ll want to prime your tiles before applying a flat sheen base coat of paint. Once you’ve applied your base coat, leave it for 24-hours to ensure it dries completely. When you’re ready to position your stencil, use a foam roller to apply your desired topcoat color, making sure to roll slowly while applying medium pressure.


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Staining achieves a subtler effect than painting or stenciling. That said, the result can be just as pleasing to the eye. To get started, you’ll need to sand, clean, and dry the tiles you’re planning to stain. Before you start staining, decide whether you want to stain the grout as well. If not, use acrylic masking tape over the grout to protect it from the stain. When you’re ready, use a brush to apply urethane resin stain. If you can see the brush strokes, switch to a softer brush. It will take between 24 to 48 hours for the stain to dry completely, at which point you can spray the tiles with a polyurethane spray.

Upcycling Leftover Tile DIY

Design by Style by Emily Henderson

If you’ve ever undertaken a tiling project, you’ll know that it’s common to have leftover supply. Turning your leftover tile into decorative art is a great way to breathe new life into old tiles while creating something beautiful, sustainable, and unique to display in your home

Leftover supply isn’t the only reason to transform your tile. Properly installed tile can last for decades, so if you grow weary of the color and style of your tile, you have the option to transform it.

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