A Guide to Shopping, Styling, and Creating Large-Scale Art

When it comes to art, bigger can be better. In this article, we give the low-down on large-scale art: how to shop for it, style it, and DIY your own.

Vishion’s Guide to Large-Scale Art

Shopping Tips

Large-scale art isn’t something you buy on a whim. In part, this is because bigger pieces tend to come at a higher price, so you want to make sure you’re investing in a piece that will fit your space and style preferences for years to come.

As with buying art of any size, you want to pick a piece that reflects who you are and what you respond to at an emotional level. If you’re not sure where to start, just start. Oftentimes, we don’t know what kind of art will speak to us before we encounter it. Pay special attention to artwork that improves your mood just by looking at it. Ask yourself why that is to get a better feel for what appeals to you.

Make sure you measure the dimensions of your space and cross-check it against the dimensions of prospective artworks. With large-scale art, you want to make sure you have enough physical room to step back and enjoy it. Don’t forget to factor in the measurements of your doorways and hallways as well.

Large-scale photography is a great starting point if you’re a first-time buyer. Oftentimes, prices for photographs are lower than for paintings.

If you’d prefer to shop online, start by browsing a selection of art via a retailer, such as Zatista. Once you’ve identified an artist, you enjoy, visit their website or Instagram account, and email or direct message them to see if you can purchase originals. If you’d prefer to shop offline, a good place to start is estate sales and local flea markets

Styling Tips

Large-format art can work in combination with other artworks to create a gallery wall or a stand-alone statement piece. If your goal is to create a gallery wall, one large piece can anchor the rest of the wall and provide a clear focal point. If you prefer the simplicity of a singular art piece, you can elevate it by keeping the decor surrounding the piece simple.

Creating Your Own


The most fool-proof method for DIY-ing your own large-scale art is to purchase a downloadable design, print it and frame it. Etsy is a great place to search for printable options and frame options.


If you happen to have an affinity for painting, flowers, foliage, and landscapes are all simple to recreate. Abstract art is also a great option if you’re willing to pick up a paintbrush, but you’re not confident with realism. One final method is to use painter’s tape to map out a geometric pattern before painting the shapes. For best results, make sure your paint has completely dried before you peel off the tape. 

Photo Tiles

If you feel inclined to vamp up the visual intrigue of a digital photo, you can use the image to create tile photo art. To do this, open your image in a photo editing software, use the ruler and guidelines to divide your photos into as many equal-sized squares as you want. You can then print the squares as individual photos, puzzle them together, and adhere them onto a canvas, leaving an equal margin between each image. Once you’re happy with the layout of your photo tiles, you can frame your creation.

Image via Shelterness

How Professional Designers are Using Large-Scale Art in Their Designs 

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