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5 Ways To Supercharge A Website’s Search Experience

Makes it easier for website visitors to find exactly what they need, more quickly, by optimizing your website’s search bar and collecting deep insights on each search.

Building a website with multiple web pages, holding thousands of products is can be extremely overwhelming. It’s easy to overlook the importance of one of your most important digital tools: the search bar.

Behavioral studies from the Nielsen Group show that more than 50% of people visiting the website homepage go straight to the internal search box in order to navigate. More than 40% say a search box is the most important feature on a website.


The search bar, search results page, and search experience control how most of your website visitors explore your catalog of products. When more relevant products are found more easily, you will see an increase in sales. When the search experience is more engaging, you will keep customers on your website longer.

Here are 5 ways business owners can supercharge the search experience on their websites today with Vishion.


#1: Understand why specific results are being prioritized

Curious why a certain search result is prioritized higher than the rest? The Vishion App allows website owners to select if a keyword should search across product titles, tags, product descriptions, collection names, vendors, or product types.

In the image below, you’ll see “Art Deco Earrings” was included in search results for “Art”. Using the Why Did this Match feature, you can learn exactly why the search engine prioritized this product.  To improve search results, you can alter the product details or change Vishion’s settings to only search across specific properties.

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#2: Provide advanced color search across products

Roughly 85 percent of consumers say color is the primary reason for choosing which products to buy. Additionally, up to 90 percent of impulse decisions about products are based solely on the products’ colors. That’s why Vishion created color search functionality to allow website visitors to search across all products by an exact hue. 

Website visitors can search across all of your products by color value or by pulling a color from an image.

Don’t care about color? Just turn the color search feature off. But if you’re interested in color trends to help with merchandising, Vishion analytics lets you see what colors your customers are searching for using your own website.


#3: Customize search result filters to provide white-glove assistance to website visitors

With customizable filters, store owners can change the display labels and ranges to best represent their customers and product offering. Whether it’s pricing ranges or recently added items, the search results page can be modified to meet your website visitors’ expectations.

Vishion also offers customers customization services at a competitive rate so they can create the ideal search and filter experience based on their specific needs.

#4: Track Keyword and Color Analytics to gain unique Insights

Vishion automatically tracks interactions with your website search bar and search results, but it’s the only platform that also tracks color searches.

Vishion analytics measures:

  • Most Searched Colors
  • Most Searched Keywords
  • Number of Daily Searches
  • Number of Daily Clicks
  • Most Clicked Products

Store owners can use this data to assist with future product selections and website organization.


#5: Automatically assign exact color swatches to every product

Vishion automatically analyzes product images and assigns the most prevalent colors as a swatch to each product. If you know the exact shade, you can manually enter the color value. At any time, you can edit or delete colors assigned to products.

Customers can match different items in your store with complementary colors or store owners can create “collections” based on a specific shade for marketing promotions. This can be especially helpful if you notice a specific shade is trending in Vishion’s search analytics.


Try an Optimized Search Bar Now

Try Vishion’s optimized search experience today. Vishion integrates instantly into Shopify, with a 14-day free trial for store owners to test out our search bar. Non-Shopify business owners interested in adding Vishion to their website can connect with our team in the chat in the bottom right.

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Vision for Vishion

I started working on Vishion more than two years ago after struggling to find a nightstand in a specific color. That may seem like a crazy reason to start a company, but the more I talked to interior designers, the more I understood the struggle professionals face when searching for products by color. Coming from a startup background, I knew I wanted to be the first person to create a search engine driven by color.

From the beginning, the team and I went out of our way to include the voices of interior designers and design lovers who have struggled with using color in a design. We built Vishion for interior designers, with interior designers in mind.

Before launching our Beta, we had more than 500 professionals tell us their color search stories and brands they wanted to see on Vishion. We went to High Point Market and asked interior designers how we could create a tool to make a designers’ life easier.

We learned that 68% of interior designers said it takes at least an hour to search for decor online by color.

Our goal is to make the process of planning your next design easier through color exploration. This means creating a search engine that focuses on specific hues, helping users tap into data to find the right products, decor and furniture they envision in the right color. As of late February 2020, this also includes discovering designs shared in the Vishion community by color.

We’re lucky to partner with some of the leading design brands who have helped us better understand their experiences as we built our search engine. Amazing organizations like Industry West, Arhaus and Kravet have supported us as we created our app and can all be found by color on Vishion.


Vishion Social

We’ve all experienced the moment when you’re not quite sure how a color will look in a space, especially in coordination with other items. With Vishion’s new social platform, you can discover how colors can be incorporated in a space and celebrate the designs of the design community.

On February 25, 2020, after two years of working endlessly to create the only color search engine of its kind, we launched the app we had always envisioned surrounded by designers, architects, some of our favorite brands and the Vishion Color Retreat (see more below).

Our launch was covered by Architectural Digest’s AD PRO, who spoke to interior designers Tiffany Brooks and Michelle Workman about why they use the app.

“Having the ability to pick up my phone and find a color I’m thinking of is key, especially when I’m not in my studio,” Tiffany Brooks told AD PRO. “My team and I are often in the field, and need access to tools.”

To us, coverage by Architectural Digest that included quotes by esteemed designers made our week and all of our hard work worth it!

Color Retreat

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It was important to the Vishion team to officially “launch” the Vishion app with interior designers as we discussed color and design. We had dozens of designers join us at Industry West’s showroom in New York City for a Color Retreat, where we discussed color and design. Speakers included:

  • Laurie Pressmen, VP of the Pantone Color Institute
  • Jordan and Anne England, founders of Industry West
  • Nicole Gibbons, founder of Clare
  • Dani Arps, Interior Designer

Pitching Investors to Build Vishion

The hectic week didn’t stop at the Vishion Social Launch or the Color Retreat. To create Vishion, we are constantly pitching investors who believe in our dream to create a more colorful world. On February 29th, we competed against 60 amazing companies at the SoGal Global Pitch Competition and won a $10,000 investment! Of 1,700 applications from 61 countries, Vishion was one of 11 startups awarded monetary prizes, competing against some of the most impressive early-stage companies in the world.

SoGal is the largest global platform for the education and empowerment of diverse entrepreneurs and investors. Their mission is to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

The Vishion Team

The Vishion Team

Our goal is to spread the word about Vishion, get designers and design lovers on the app, and find the right investors to help us make the world more colorful. We have a small team of six working around the clock to make the world a bit more colorful.

We would love for you to check out Vishion and let us know what you think. Download the app now. If you’re a designer or architect, join our private design community to give us direct feedback.



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